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  1. Sorry no pics wont let me upload for some reason
  2. Ok not easy but done lol. The driver side trim piece have 4 screws one in each corner and two small easy clips in the front. Idk how to get to the back two screws but the dash plastic is softer than the trim. I got lucky and slowy pulled and pryed it of and broke the dash where the screw was(wasnt going to put that one back anyway). The passanger side has 8 screws 4 ontop and 4 on bottom and agian i couldnt get the top most outside out so again slowly pulled and it pulled the screw out the dash. And just incase u want to know about the stearing wheel. Theres 6 screws that u can get to behind the wheel by turning it various ways. Then there are 2 tiny holes one on each side that i need to stick something small into there and theres two locking pins ull know when u get it half fhe airbag will pop out then just move to the other side and do the same. Make sure to disconnect the neg battery 10 min prior for safty and to save 2000 bucks for stupidity. And the gauge pod has one 10mm bold from the top and one from the bottom under the plastic arround the steering column. 3 screws and it seperates in half. Any onther questions just ask heres the finale product. Shareing the info to the world to spread creativity.
  3. Im trying to paint the interior pieces in my spark. I want all the silver to be red. I know how to remove the steering wheel piece, and the door pieces. But i cant find all the screws or clips on these pieces. Can anyone tell me how many there are and where they are located.
  4. Ok so i bought the chevy sonic radio harness and it worked great. It even supplys a reverse wire for back up cameras and keeps all factor radio features i wanted to save (turn signals, door/warning chimes, and keeping radio on till u open the door) but not onstar
  5. Yes as I stated before I found that kit before but I don't need the dash pieces. I already emailed customer support to see if they can sell it without the dash pieces and they replied no. I'm mainly looking to see if they Sonic wiring harness will work in the spark.
  6. Actually I just ran mine last week and I found that if you remove the plastic trim we're going to run the amp wire under the carpet anyway you can release the hood pop cable from the handle and remove the rubber grommet that's in the wall behind the clutch and run your amp wire that rubber grommet with the Hood pop cable then just replace the cable back to the handle when you're done it comes out in the engine bay through the fire wall behind the ECU. Sorry I didn't reply this earlier or with pictures if anybody wants pictures ask and I will add them.
  7. Hello I own a 2013 Chevy Spark LS. I was looking to replace my factory head unit with an aftermarket. I would like to retain the door chimes but don't care about the OnStar. I have been looking for wiring harnesses and I have come across two of them. I found the one everybody recommends on that says it fits my car but comes with all the plastic trim pieces that i have already. But I also found one that fits a 2013 Chevy Sonic that does not come with the trim pieces on I keep searching online and every retailer selling this kit says it does not fit the spark but the spark and Sonic can both come with the same radio so wouldn't the same wiring harness adapter work? Below are the links to the two kits the wires seem to be identical but I can't tell if it's actual photos or just stock photos. I mainly want to not just to save some money. The Sonic kits tend to be a lot cheaper. Thank you for anyone's answer and help.
  8. Can you tell me what wiring diagram you used? i have been trying to find one and all the ones i have found say power is a red/brown wire and i don't have that wire i have solid red and a red/blue wire. thanks for the help
  9. Hey new to the fourm and now own 2 sparks lol but im running an amp aswell just wondering were u ran your amp wire in the 5 spd? Thanks