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  1. I'm not really up on modern vehicle ecu performance upgrades. Sometimes It feels like the drive-by-wire is holding back the revs I'm trying to give it and I would like to eliminate that sluggishness and inconsistency in the power delivery.
  2. Looks much better with that red paint.
  3. Great idea. Might even get a few psi of ram air boost at high speeds or against a strong wind as a bonus.
  4. That idle sounds much smoother than your earlier video!
  5. I think a performance chip would unleash the beast of this over restrained all aluminum dohc 16v engine without sacrificing many MPG's but I don't think anything is available yet. Intake and exhaust mods would just be expensive noisemakers without a chip (not that there is anything wrong with making it louder if that's your thing).
  6. Trade it in for a 2016+. It comes with a spare as standard equipment.
  7. If I wanted the experience of Mitsu Mirage ownership I would start by pulling out one of my spark plug wires.
  8. I would give that rusty drum a shot of black or even red paint since it is so easy to see through the spokes.
  9. Hopefully just a 1 in a million porous casting that slipped through QC. I love my manual. Mine works great except for the clutch and shifter being a little rubbery feeling at 10 below zero.
  10. That's a lot of miles in a short amount of time. Looks like its ready for its next 100K.
  11. Have you installed lower compression forged pistons or pressing your luck with the stock cast pistons?
  12. Yeah that airbag replacement must be quite an ordeal because I got a new dash cover also.
  13. I think that advice is for a stored vehicle. If you drive it at least once every couple of weeks the alternator should keep the battery charged. Sadly, heat does take its toll on battery life but there isn't much you can do to stop that in a hot state except keep it in an air conditioned garage which isn't a realistic solution for most folks.
  14. How do you like those sport pedals? Do they grip your shoes better than stock? My stock pedals are a little slippery especially when wet and I'm afraid my foot will slip off the clutch and cause an accident some day.
  15. I would beg, borrow, or steal a truck to do that job.