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  1. Got my notice in the mail. If it's any consolation, the air bag is only out of spec if you're a 3-6 year old unrestrained kid.
  2. If the CVT only lasts 75k miles, I'll be very disappointed. Any transmission that craps out before 150 or 200k miles is garbage.
  3. For $11 grand or so, this little car is legit. It's more substantial than the previous (2013-2015) model, with lower NVH and much improved interior quality. The CVT is a GM-badged JATCO CVT7. As such, it has a 2 speed high/low gear in series with the CVT. That's what you feel "shifting" as the car comes to a stop. For oil changes, the 2016+ "requires" Dexos 1 Gen 2 oil. Just about all the licensed brands are full synthetic. If you're doing oil changes at the dealer, they should stock, and be using this everytime they do an oil change.
  4. Aside from the Activ version that was launched mid-model year, the 2016 is almost a complete carry-over from the 2016. The only changes from the 2016 to the 2017 Spark are the paint colors, lower EPA mileage due to new "more realistic" method of calculating the values. Also, they deleted the "LS" badge from the hatch of the base version.
  5. Oh no... I have the singular door lock. It's a feature I find utterly hilarious.
  6. I have a 2017 Spark with the CVT, because driving in DC metro traffic with a stick shift is for the birds. Compared to the horror stories I've read on here, the tranny in my car is butter smooth. The only jankiness I've encountered has been either right after startup on a cold morning, or when decelerating almost to a stop then accelerate, which is clearly the transmission control unit downshifting to the low range after (incorrectly, but not unreasonably) anticipating I was going to come to a full stop. Engine braking under idle idle throttle is somewhat greater than what I'm used to. The engine control unit aggressively cuts fuel trim to zero when the car is coasting (you can see it in the driver information center as the instantaneous fuel economy pegs to 99 MPG) This is done for fuel economy and is not out of character compared to other late model cars.
  7. This is very intriguing. The LS model also doesn't have a remote open or unlock for the rear hatch, despite the fact that the latch is electrically operated when you use the key. This suggests possibilities to remotely open the trunk: Get the 4 button version, with the button to open the trunk. Get the 3 button version, and install the LT trim panel and the release button. Get the 3 button version, and drill/install a release button into the existing LS trim panel.
  8. The singular power lock is there so on star can remote lock and unlock the car.
  9. Very interesting. This head unit is popping up all over the Chevy line. The Trax, Sonic, lower trims of the Cruze. Some of these have a 2nd USB, at least optionally. Given the diversity of vehicle models and equipment this thing is working with, I can't imagine that LG is actually shipping these things to GM Korea with different, vehicle specific firmware. I imagine they have it set up to automatically detect the ancillary hardware, potentially via CAN BUS, and present the appropriate user-facing features on the display. Sounds like some units made it out of the gate before the firmware was patched to handle the case of a single installed USB.
  10. Only thing that changed from 2016 to 2017 was the paint choices, and the window sticker lists lower mileage, than sinks to the EPA's new reporting guidelines for 2017.
  11. Picked mine up earlier this month. The car was under $11 grand, including the taxes and BS dealership fees. I did shell out a bit extra beyond that for GAP and extended warranty, but still extremely reasonable. Where mine is silver, the plastic wheel covers match the paint job so I'll leave them as is. Actually, the covers are pretty legit. Usually they go out of their way to make the plastic wheel covers extra crappy looking, in a blatant effort to upsell you to the higher model with alloy wheels.
  12. My new commuter car. Hilarious to have a car with a backup cam, wifi, and... oh yeah, roll-up windows and a power lock. But it's fun and it was only $11 grand, so rock on! Heck of an improvement over my old Hyundai Accent on my daily DC commute!