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  1. The lady from my local dealer was just calling people one by one down a list. They said they have the parts in stock and can make the appointment a day out. I know I will have to get this recall done so I will wait a few weeks and let the Techs get some under their belt before mine.
  2. I just received a call from my local dealer telling me to bring my car in ASAP for the repair. To tell you the truth, I don't want to bring my car in. First, what kind of idiot lets their child ride in the front seat without a seat belt? Second, I have seen pics how much of the dash they have to remove to get to the air bag module. I can only imagine how many squeaks and rattles my car will have after this recall. I only paid $9,300 for my Spark and it's been more solid sounding then cars I have own that were 3X as much.
  3. I have been very impressed with my 17 LS. I have 4,200 miles on it and 1,400 of those miles were from a road trip to the Canadian Rockies. The car shocked me how well it drove on the highway and wind noise was not a problem. I owned cars that were double the price of the Spark and the road and wind noise was very loud. I bought my LS for $4600 off MSRP. I wouldn't buy this car near MSRP though but for the price I paid, it is a hell of a car for what I use it for. I don't think the Spark will last another generation here in the US, sales are down to below 1,000 units a month. The next generation Sonic is on the chopping block. Ford isn't going to bring the new Fiesta here either. As long as there is cheap gas in the US, the short sighted American will continue to buy CUV/SUV type autos.
  4. Those are the ones I ordered. I bought them from another place which gets terrible reviews. I didn't know about them until I placed my order. I hope I don't get taken.
  5. Welcome. I ordered Storm lowering springs from Korea and they should arrive soon. They're the only company that make springs for the 16+ Sparks so far.
  6. They're not stiff at all. I haven't seen the sun since last September here in the Northwest. They will probably mold better when they get heated up like you said.
  7. The tires are the ones that came on the car.
  8. My LS came with steel wheels and covers. I Plasti dipped them black a few days after I bought the car. I found a set of Spark wheels on ebay that were dealer take offs. I bought them for $240.00 and that included the center caps and TPMS sensors. I paid $55 per wheel to have them powder coated satin black. I think they came out looking great!
  9. The fitment on the sides could be better.
  10. The LS driver side door has a power lock only. Do you notice that it locks on drive off and unlocks when you remove the key? The key was $56.00 shipped.
  11. I bought a new flip key from ikeyless and had my dealer laser cut it for free. Now I can unlock and lock the drivers door with the remote. Super easy to program. Just insert your original key and turn the car ON. Then remove it and insert the new key and start the engine. Enjoy your new flip key!
  12. I bought the OEM mats from a Chevy dealer on Amazon for $79.99. I wasn't going to pay the $130.00 that Chevy wants for them. I'm out $80.00 since I won't be using them because they are so cheap, at least it wasn't a $130.00 lesson. I did order the front Weathertechs this morning. I know they're quality from past cars.
  13. Yes, those are the ones.
  14. The Chevy OEM All Season mats I bought have to be the cheapest rubber mats I have ever seen. They are thin and have a white stain to them from your shoes after using them. I put the carpet ones back in and will wait for the Weathertech fronts.
  15. I used Plasti Dip on the wheel covers. I did 5 coats and it came out pretty good. I can peel it off when I want to.