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  1. I hit so far 150-155kph. It really need a big stretch of straight road to go above 150 and that I haven't found near me to check beyond 155. Although some people on YouTube tried 170kph.
  2. Hi guys, Sharing some of best shot of my BEAsT. Its feels Niravana, when it hit 150.
  3. Finally, installed the trunk lamp. Being LS, it took everything from scratch. 1st finding trunk open detection switch. then after searching for months to get matching connector, work around is done. I tried many LED modules but single on one side was not sufficient, no place to mount in centre. At last decided to use a flexible strip I bought year back, cut into 2 piece and result is really good. Except for heating of strip, everything is good. As I will not keep trunk open for long, guessing it will be fine. Further, I connected the wire to existing door switch so now my remote locking detect if trunk is opened with key, without unlocking the whole car.
  4. Welcome Jo!!! I don't have tpms in my car but after looking for many option on net, I have this basic idea. May be helpful to your case. As I understand the valve is same across the rims normally used, so using same sensor (that is usually sensor module screwed to valve) shouldn't be a issue. Even if the valve is different, you may get valve body for new rims and attach sensor module on that. In short, you 1st check if valve fits on new rim and if not, check of valve body with sensor mounting option, which can fit to new rim. Although, best if someone who did it already can tell precisely.
  5. Larry, pardon, as major vehicle I have seen are using H4 as headlight bulb, even bikes. So I was in that impression. Have you decided to upscale wiring harness?
  6. Hi, anyone from India, do you have service manual for 2010 Spark (Beat)? If yes, do you mind sharing it. I asked the GM support (India) but they are very reluctant and just say we will search for it. 1st they shut there shop and now support is terrible. Even my authorised service centre shut. Luckily, old manager started his own with half of old staff.
  7. Hi Larry, why h13, I mean standard fitting is H4. Are these physical compatible? I mean can you put h13 bulb in H4 socket? Anyway, coming back to your point of wire. Although each manufacturer keep some design margin so upgrading to 85 from 60/55w H4 should not be a issue, this is what I got reply from many people when I was working out for fog lamp (mine projector low beam 60w, factory std 35w). I prefer to lay higher thickness wire to avoid any heating due to additional load I am putting. And better you go with automotive grade wire, these have thin insulation and high heat resistance.
  8. The BEAsT is out on hunt.
  9. Hi metal, There is a thread for this. Unfortunately, person have posted pics from FB so those are not available. This is thread: Although, the front speaker removal is easy. 1. You need to pry open the grill. 2. There are 2 or 3 screw you need to take out to remove spaker. The speaker you have shown is premium one, available with chevy audio system I guess. Mine is LS too and were after market fitted. If you're not in hurry, I will try to open grill and take snaps for you in 1-2 days. P.S. go through this video on YouTube. At 2:20 you can see how its done. Credits to the video creator.
  10. Hi, anyone tried removing rear door panel? I asked here as that is part of this job. I am installing door LED strip as puddle lamp but stuck with rear door panel. I already tried pulling it apart but its not moving. Also, I want to know how to remove mirror crank handle.
  11. Yes. You are right. There is an screw behind the tail lamp. I got some leak in trunk in rain and I opened tail lamp, just to see the grommet was loose. Then I found a screw just at bottom corner for bumper. Its like this. (Tab of bumper in centre.) Pardon, I forgot to check for inside fender liner screw. In front, its hex screw. you may need to clear dirt around it to see clearly.
  12. Hi cimera, I don't have any manual but looking at year 2007-2015 I guess you have similar model to mine 2010(M300). I didn't opened rear bumper but what I have observed for rear bumper are: 1. There are 2 plastic rivet at bottom. 2. On the side curves, there are 2 bumper mounts (1 in each side) just like front support (white-off white). 3. There could be possible hex screw which you may need to check behind fender liner. 4. If you're planning to route some wires, there is a louver in centre of trunk wall towards bumper. I will see if I am going to clean my car today (its parked at a friend's place), I will see more on this.
  13. Bobby, I just checked on ebay and Amazon (both US site). Though these seems same from AliExpress. These are available there but with increased price. If you are ok you have that option as well. You can check other online store for keywords as "obd2 coolant temperature".
  14. Yes, summer time is over and temperature in my city is getting down from 45-47°c. Major coastal states already got monsoon rains started. Like my city is close to thar desert so it got some showers and couple of good rains.
  15. Hi Bobby, AliExpress is retail site from the Alibaba group. Yes, it's a Chinese site and I am mainly buying small item only, which either I can't find in my city or Chevy is charging heavily. For example a plastic rivet I bought from Chevy service centre was around ₹40 while I got same from here for cheap ₹5, but its working well. I bought some other stuff but all small order. They accept major visa n master card and in past 1 year not got any payment related issue. If you want to buy something big order, I suggest go for registered mail option like china post registered mail or AliExpress standard shipping. They even have fast shipping but I have not tried. Biggest block is Customs, if they feel anything they will open package and could charge customs duty too. On this part, I guess someone from forum can guide if he/she bought and paid any custom duty. I so far not paid as small items are usually exempted (actually ignored) here (but lost 2 - 3 unregistered parcel as well ). They have some purchase protection program, if you not received parcel or its not as per description, you can open a dispute with seller. Chance of refund are 50-50 or seller may ask to return product, which may cost even more. P.S. just to mention, if your card provide virtual card option, I suggest to go with that for more on safety side. I am using a virtual debit card linked to account which is usually empty.
  16. Guys, I want to install DRL on my 2010 LS (M300 similar to US 2013). I want the function as follows: 1. When ignition is turned ON, then only DRL have to come up, so no load on battery. 2. When parking or headlight turned ON, DRL must be off. I worked with relays and partly got it theoretically. By tapping ignition line from key switch can latch relay for DRL and a tap from illumination line will cut off supply to DRL relay when parking/headlight is turned ON. Now, issue point is when DRL are ON and parking light are turned ON, it turn off DRL as expected but if parking light are turned OFF after that (assume someone turn them by mistake while engine still running), DRL doesn't come ON again. So, is there any direct point available which can give engine running feedback, as I don't prefer too much tapping OEM lines?
  17. Hi Bobby, I guess you are looking something like this. A202 Mini Smart OBD Gauge Show Car Speed Meter Water Coolant Temperature Fuel Consumption Voltage Display OBD2 Scan Tool I haven't tried this as I am using Bluetooth obd2 scanner with my phone.
  18. This is for door mounted speakers. I guess you are looking for rear parcel tray support location. P.S. pardon, I was expecting that because previous year have only front dash and rear parcel tray support speakers, not in door.
  19. Eric, you can see this post by Aviran for 3D printing option. Also, there is a post for wooden one. Hope this may help you. Good luck.
  20. Its really strange as these glass are bonded very well to sustain high air pressure. As you have mentioned that just with slight air pressure from closing a door it popped, it's really thing to worry. Better get it checked at service station, I hope this must be covered by warranty as manufacturing defect.
  21. Thanks Aviran for guiding me to suitable solution.
  22. Hi, something off topic. Is that black vinyl on B pillar? I mean why chevy think they still need to put B pillar black vinyl on a Black car. Oopss!! May be customer satisfaction that they too got it as other color cars.
  23. Spark have turbo here but with Diesel engine, not for gas. I am not sure if that can help you some way. Just to add, GM have shut their shop for domestic sell so getting direct from GM may be difficult. P.S. Spark was sold as Chevrolet Beat in India.
  24. Great work Aviran. I don't know why they made 4x6 grill, possibly this is most difficult to get same, atleast here in India. I can see Kicker and good brand 4x6 now available on Amazon but very costly due to high import duty. I too got stuck with this 4x6 speaker grill. 1st owner put 6inch speaker and electrician did horrible job. The rubber ring is pushing against frame and apparently both speaker are gone now. I tried with some paper stencil but not getting proper results. Do you have its 3D design image, if you can share? I don't have 3D printer, so will get it done on wood.
  25. I am not using Android auto as now a days driving very less. But with my Bluetooth headphones I frequently using OK Google Service. I have noticed that after google have launched the Google assistant (more formal OK Google Service) this problem is increased many folds. Didn't find any proper solution but when it occurs I just wait for some seconds and try again. One thing you can try for the app permission for contacts etc. And possibly if you have changed some privacy settings in main Google account.