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  1. I hooked up two 6x9s in the rear deck. it sounded pretty good for a while but the speakers where cheep and now one crackles. So I am looking to spend a little more to get some better 6 x 9s. But this time I am going to also buy a little amp and some sort of sub that will fit in the back "trunk" area. I know NOTHING about hooking up such things. is there some sort of wire diagram I can refer too? I googled it and 10,000 different wiring diagrams popped up. I have my two speaker wires available for the 6x9s but I do not know how to incorporate an amp and sub into that. I hear you can blow the head unit if not added correctly. help this old dog with this new trick please? 2015 spark - gas -William
  2. yeah im still looking at how to ad a sub. too many wires to run! Thanks for the response :-)
  3. I'm looking at replacing the stock speakers with these, in an attempt to eliminate some of the "blap" of the stock speakers. https://www.amazon.com/BOSS-Audio-Coaxial-Speakers-Stereo/dp/B00I8QTEP0/ref=s9u_simh_gw_i1?_encoding=UTF8&fpl=fresh&pd_rd_i=B00I8QTEP0&pd_rd_r=6HWT86KG6Y3PPWDT62E1&pd_rd_w=zbYek&pd_rd_wg=i1zxc&pf_rd_m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&pf_rd_s=&pf_rd_r=NEGB55C00K2XKQQ3WGJB&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=1dd2ffc3-992f-4bde-81b0-de270e0ead5a&pf_rd_i=desktop And how do I remove those covers? I was hoping to find something on Youtube but our car isn't that popular it seems. edit: a post in another forum suggested something like these: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0032FOKRE/ref=psdc_10980771_t2_B00TTMBMSY
  4. I did the oil on both my wife's Mitsubishi as well as my Spark.. We bought them used on the same weekend. Without knowing when the last oil change was how can you know how old the oil is? And with the OP receiving this spark in that condition...to me, it would the logical thing to do. A brand new one off the lot? No, of course not!
  5. You should immediately change all the fluids out (oil, transmission, brakes, and coolant.) for fresh, so you know the mileage on said fluids. next, get some de-greaser for the motor and some different sided brushes and go to town on that motor. Build respect for your new wheels right away.
  6. Joining in the fun! Prepare for my silly questions!