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  1. Got it Retired Old Gearhead...brain farted and didn't put 2 and 2 together. Just doing random inspects of the car whenever I can and for whatever reason did not make that obvious connection. Just saw the coils and went from there.
  2. I know that...I'm familiar with difference of coilover shocks vice coil and shock suspensions. As noted my Spark only has coils out back and no shocks. I see on Amazon that an OEM Rear ACDelco shock ( is available. So to clarify, my question as stated is it standard OEM for just rear coils out back or is there supposed to be shocks as well? Online sells a whole bunch of racing aftermarket coilovers that I have no need for. I'm looking to ensure what I have is standard OEM equipment. Sucks I bought it used but looking for suggestions whether or not I can take it back to the certified Chevy dealer I purchased it from and point out that I have the rear shocks missing and see if they can rectify my dilemma and have them installed under the remaining warranty I have left.
  3. I have a used '14 LT and recently took a look at the rear suspension. Currently I only have coil springs installed. Wondering if that is supposed to be that way. Are the rear struts an OEM addition to the 2LT or should I be taking it back to the Chevy dealer that sold me the car and try to get this fixed under some warranty issue (I still have about 6K miles left on the warranty and even though I bought it used would it be worth the try). Anyone out there already have rear shocks already installed or is this an anomaly exclusive to my car? Suggestions anyone?
  4. Dropping a few lines to introduce myself. Hailing from the 808 State. Recently purchased my '14 LT. Got it to use as my daily and for my "licensed" daughter's occasional use. Impressed with it's simplicity but jumping on the forum to learn a little more about this car to ensure I can stretch some longevity out of it. In all honesty a FordMan4Life but this little car has proven beneficial for me and my fam.