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  1. This is a sad post. Last week I got in a motor vehicle accident while driving my 2016 Spark. Thought I'd share some photos of the aftermath here on the forum. Feel free to ask any questions.
  2. I got some Rally Armor polyurethane mud flaps for a 2012 Subaru, thinking about putting them on my Spark. I temporarily mounted them for the photo; what did you think?
  3. I plastidip'd my bowtie. Next step is to remove the front plate and cover the screw holes somehow.
  4. Hey I need some rim advice, I'm somewhat clueless. I need to put my stock summer tires on some rims for my 2016 Spark. Here are some specs... Tires: 185/55 15R Stock rim size: 6Jx15 ET50 (4x100) Rims I'm looking at: 6.5Lx15 ET38 (4x100) Onto my questions... I am going .5 of a inch wider rim; is that bad for my tire? My offset is 12mm different, meaning my rim will stick out 12mm from the fender right? What can I expect from that sort of offset change? Lastly, 1010tires is trying to sell me a "Wheel installation kit". Can't I just use my current lugs? Anyways, according to 1010tire.com they will fit my Spark, but I wanted to talk to you guys first. (Hopefully you'll like the way they look too )
  5. What's that on your front license plate? I love like something similar on my Spark!
  6. Awesome! I'll be traveling over to Halifax sometime in the summer. Have you ever been to Atlantic Motosport Park? It's between Truro and Hali. Wondering if you've ever been there for any open track days (if they even host those there). Might be fun to take the Spark around the track!
  7. Hi all, Just picked up a leftover 2016 Spark LS. Replacing my old 2005 Chev Aveo that just died. I feel just at home with this new Spark. I live in Atlantic Canada; it's been surviving the winter so far! I look forward to future discussions with all of you!