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  1. There is a form in the accessories for aftermarket fog install
  2. I did a write up on how to add a button for the back hatch it took my like 30 mins. Less then 10 bucks. No more key to open the hatch
  3. Will this cruse control kit fit a 2017 model? Ive been looking and cant find anything.
  4. So i did a thing. I kept getting tired of having to stick my key in the hatch to open it. So i bought a horn button from oreillys. Had some wire laying around and ran it right behind the gas door latch. It cost me about 8 bucks for the buttom and some t-taps. Tools youll need... Horn button T-tap with male insert Wire crimpers A screwdriver Metal hanger About 7 foot of wire And a pocket knife 1st you pop the hatch and remove the little door. Then the plastic part on the hatch is just popped on. So i popped it off. It took me some time to figure out which wire i would tap but there is a connector right by the latch. If you pull back the cloth wire cover there is 3 wires. Blue, purple, and black. The t-tap will be installed on the blue wire. I popped out the rubber grommet that runs between the door and main body. I ran a hanger through the hatch to the hole where the grommet goes and pulled my wire through with the hanger. YOU DO NOT NEED TO REMOVE THE SPOILER. Then i worked my way inside the car. On the drivers side where the seat belt runs there is a single screw. Take it out and pop off that cover. On the inside of the car there was a hole i ran the hanger through and came out where the wires run to the hatch and pulled the wire through. Then i removed the weather stripling and ran the wire down the side of the car. Pulled the drivers side seat belt b pillar cover and ran the wire under the carpet. Pulled the drivers side kick panel then i used my pocket knife i cut 2 slits in the carpet and 1 in the middle for the wires to run through. I bent the ears on the horn button down to fit it in the slits. You will need to wire the button before you place in in the carpet. To give the button power i looked at the fuse box and i had a few male taps in the fuse box on the lower drivers side. So i spliced a female connector pluged it in. Ran it down the lower drivers side kick panel and to the button. Installed both wires to button. Installed button. Installed all the panels back and your done. You dont have to use your key to pop the hatch. Let me know if you need pics it took me maybe 30 mins and cost less the 10 bucks.