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  1. looks Awesome !
  2. I agree I want the ground effects really bad too ! Yes I also agree this is a very fun car to drive . Almost 1 year in and 19,000 on the clock i still get excited to get in and drive.
  3. Looks really nice !
  4. I agree , The black one is really nice looking !
  5. I agree I like them as well !
  6. Looks really nice , sometimes i miss the looks of my 2013.
  7. Let there be light the kids will finally be happy
  8. Just finished my rear dome light install . got the light from a jeep liberty . has a push lense off and on . just had to cut a hole and it uses the lense to lock it in. Wired it to the front dome . has all the same functions . on and off with doors or manually
  9. On my 4 cyl engines . If I do want a louder sound but dont want to spend alot of money . I will have the shop put on a cherrybomb /glasspack and try it . They are actually very mellow and nice sounding with minimal drone in a small 4 cyl. I havent changed anything on the spark yet . I do want dual center exhaust tip. Im just waiting on the new to wear off .
  10. I actually used a rear dome light out of a jeep liberty/patriot i think ( pull apart) it was a push button lens) and matched the front one perfectly.
  11. I added a rear dome light on my 2013 spark ( for the kids ) I will be adding one to my 2017 very soon . I will keep you updated .
  12. I added a 10 inch powered sub down where the spare tire should go .
  13. I enjoy this car more and more each time I drive it !
  14. Fall drive in the spark

    Just driving thru the smoky mountains. stopped for a pic