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  1. I'm going to take a shot in the dark here and say it's the programming of the transmission control module or engine control module. Same thing was happening with mine, but I took it into the dealership for a reprogramming once they released the recall.
  2. I had to replace my battery at the 2k mark when my car stopped starting up. I'll be sure to take it in to have them check it out.
  3. I figured that's what would be needed. The software of this car is too screwy. I had an issue a while back where my door chime sound would play when I had my blinker on. Here is a video showing that.
  4. I have had the transmission reprogramming done, but it was working after that. It's weird; when I put it in reverse, it acts as if it's trying to access the backup cam. I don't have a backup cam.
  5. Good evening Spark forum, Something strange happened with my steering wheel controls for the audio. The entire right side controls for the audio/bluetooth controls have stopped working completely. Has anyone had this happen to them before?
  6. Tim, I've been in the same predicament as you for over a year. I've hoped for a resolution but haven't got one. I can never replicate the issue myself; when I take it in, it doesn't happen. I complained to Chevy customer care and asked them about a buyback, to which said it hasn't been taken in enough for that. They eventually gave me a case number to refer to if my car got worse, even outside of the warranty. I'm hanging in there with you too.
  7. Same exact situation here. I just have to keep hoping they acknowledge the issues with this car and perform a recall. If you take a look in the back of your owner's manual, you'll see a number to call if your issues haven't been resolved after taking it in several times. Give that a shot.
  8. Hello Mtf, Please let us know if the dealership finds anything with your vehicle.
  9. My Spark still behaves erratic at times and I have never been able to find a surefire way to replicate the issue. Even if the TCM, ECM, and PCM says it's the current version, would a reset help? Do dealerships perform software reprogramming or resetting on request?
  10. I replaced the K&N filter with a basic STP filter when I posted the pictures Saturday (5/27). My suspect was the PCV, due to recalls for other Sparks. I'm going to bring my concern up to the service department when I go in for my next oil change.
  11. Here is a picture of the film found on the air intake hose, also there was some thick black gunk in the air filter. Is this oil or just dirt?
  12. Hey, you're not too far from me. Visalia here. But I turned on this morning with the AC on the highest and drove all the way to work without any noticeable hesitation. That's the only thing that bugs me; one day it seems fine, the next is runs like a pile. This is what makes it so hard to prove issues when taking it to the dealership.
  13. I had that transmission reprogram done as well. I had no issue until the weather started warming up and I began running the AC. I agree. This car is too dangerous, for those that are having the issues and the dealer just saying it's "normal operation".
  14. Ditto. I drive a '14 LT with the same experience. Some forums suggest it is the compressor or the compressor belt dragging. One topic here on these forums mentioned something about an expansion valve. With it being in the 100's lately, I don't plan on going without cold air to make my car run "normal". If you're trying to replicate the problem, blast your AC on the highest setting and give it a good amount of acceleration from a stop/rolling stop. It'll happen.
  15. I had the exact same issue. Battery died fairly quickly. Went down to AutoZone and had one ordered.