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  1. Does anyone know where the fuse is for the reverse lights on a 2013 spark?
  2. I want to hook up leds into my dome light fuse but I don't know what fuse that is I looked in the manual that didn't help what so ever can someone help me of what fuse it is and what it says last resort I start pulling fuses till I find out which one it is but I rather not do that there's a pic of the fuse box panel to tell u what they say thanks so much
  3. Hello I have a 2013 chevy spark I was wondering if I got a deep cycle battery would I be able to hook a kicker 400watt amp and a alpine type r sub in the car I cannot change the alternator because then it will void my warranty looking back to hear from you asap
  4. I'm looking at the optima 34r battery from autozone I haven't had them test to see if it fits inside the tray or not it says it fits my spark lt would It fit and would I be able to close the brackets or would it not fit with the brackets able to close in it? Because I need a deep cycle battery for a subwoofer
  5. I love it I got a 2013 chevy spark the only issue I got with it is the stock speakers and I can't change the speakers cuz it would void my warranty if anything electrical happened with it so that's the only thing I gotta complain but im gonna install a subwoofer on it and have it not void my warranty cuz I'll hook up the speaker wire into the rear speaker inputs but still trying to figure out if the alternator would be able to handle it because if it can I'll buy a deep cycle battery with it
  6. I have a 2013 chevy spark it's still under warranty so I cannot change the alternator I gotta keep it otherwise I would be getting a high output alternator but I cannot get it cuz it would void the warranty I was gonna get a optima deep cycle 34r battery I got a kicker 400watt amplifier and one alpine type r in a ported box if I got that deep cycle battery would it be fine and would my car be able to handle it? Or would it fry my battery or alternator or possibly both of them?