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  1. That's good to hear Walt. 😀 Can't believe it's taken so long. Still miss this car, especially when I see a 2LT. Gonna go browse the forums and see what mods people have done
  2. Did this finally get fixed? I miss my Spark :(
  3. Thanks guys. Just putting around in my Cube, wishing I had those Spark MPGs. I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss the bugger, And this forum. Long story with the Honda. But short version is they sold me a car that was illegally imported. Was hoping that GM helped yall out by now.
  4. Cant believe Im still reading about this today I feel for you guys :(
  5. I'd show you if I still had the car :D But the trim-able pieces come off easily with a box cutter, and you can make them fit well. Or at least well enough for me. I bought the grey set, and they matched the Spark interior well.
  6. If you have a Costco membership, or know someone that does...I'd suggest getting one of the sets they have in the automotive dept. They were a good fit and good quality. And the same price or cheaper than most.
  7. selling these crossbars only, as seen in the first pic of thread. if anyone is interested, please email me. make me an offer, they're just sitting in my garage taking up space :(
  8. is even easier just drag and drop, no sign up, no BS
  9. Mine is still sitting on the lot where I traded it in. I pass it on my drive home and look every few days to see if it's still there :(
  10. Lalou you're an idiot You have no idea what we've gone thru. You and GM can sit down together for a nice dinner and eat a big bag of dicks
  11. Can always remove bowtie to replace with something else. I know a few of us did the Holden emblem.
  12. those look great. but i did like the rally style too
  13. I spent literally dozens of hours dealing with this AC issue. I was fed up :( I run my own business and have a 2 yr old daughter. I dont have time for GM's lax approach to my $17k investment. I was at the point where I had to cut the cord and be done with the ordeal...and I will miss it for sure. The car was great. The company that I bought it from was not.
  14. Hope the rear settles a little more. Not a fan of that rake. Could just be the lighting/angle making it look worse tho.
  15. Its funny because every other dealer Ive been to, the Service Dept is the one that really stands out for great service. not so with Chevy. Seems like if you're not there to buy a car, they couldnt care less. Which is weird, because I've always heard that the real money-maker for any dealer is the Service Dept. Maybe the structuring is different for GM, which might explain a lot, really.