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  1. Good day all, I have a 2016 LS manual trans. going through the gears i get a hesitation, flat spot around 2500 rpm. Any of you had this? Any idea what it might be? Thanks.
  2. Hello all, mine also sounds like something is loose when I turn either way on a gravel road. Only have 700 miles. Guess I'll have to get to the dealer.
  3. No, wheels not loose. More like one end or the other of the struts loose.
  4. Hello all, I just got my new 2016 spark LS manual. I got it specifically to tow behind my motor home. We'll see how it goes. The only thing I don't like about it so far is when the wheels are turned all the way left or right on gravel,it sounds like the wheels are loose. Other than that I really like it.