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  1. Did oil change @ 10000 km at dealership. Oil life was 20%. Perfect little car love it
  2. I'm doing 8750km. No issues or what so ever. Oil life shows 34%. Dealer told me to change oil @10k km. Awseome car i love it
  3. It's been about two months since i bought 2016 spark and now 4500 km. i know still little. but i absolutely love this car
  4. dear spark owners. If any of you forum members ia feom middle east region. tell us about your spark
  5. totally agree with what sparkfanatic said
  6. totally agree with what sparkfanatic said. you just have to get used to it
  7. here in Lebanon the very base model comes with A/C.
  8. i'm doing 2.2k Km and oil life monitor shows 80℅.
  9. i once reached 160 kph only for 5 minutes then got back to 80-90 kph i dont wanna be harsh on my baby
  10. congrats on your trade. hope you enjoy it. and luke you said it takes some time to get used to cvt and once you do you'll never wanna go back to old tranny
  11. got mine on august 30th. its just an awesome car i love to drive it. i live 30km away from my work. i can't wait to drive it.now it has 700km on odo
  12. thanks a lot my friend
  13. my car dealer IMPEX told me to change engine oil every 10k km. but i need to know when to change CVT fluid. i have 50KM every day and i drive @ 80-90KMH speed with little traffic
  14. if it was possible and my friend could get me this kit, how many units do you think i need for the trunk and underneath floor mats??
  15. wish i could. i will have to check with my friends in the GCC if they could order it for me.