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  1. 16 Spark Ls owner I leave TC off every time I drive I actually had the original key opened with jewelry tools I have a friend who is a jewelery maker got the transponder out to put into a blank amazon Chevy switch blade key fob got it laser cut works perfect then installed a viper alarm to operate the door and hatch works perfect.
  2. Shop around and definitely research the reputation of the installer.
  3. I have a 16 Spark LS What I did was purchased a switch blade style blank fob cracked open my original key because there is a chip inside put it in the key fob then had it laser cut by a car locksmith. It cost me $40. For the doors and hatch i had a viper basic alarm system installed and added a door actuator installed on the front passenger door now the alarm operates both front doors and the hatch because the hatch has an actuator also. Install and parts cost $250 at an professional stereo place
  4. I have a 16 Spark with 4500 miles and just got my first oil change I want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of an oil change about taking my spark to the dealer vs pep boys for example?
  5. Super glad to hear of a happy ending on your transmission, as said above the cvts just need the fluid changed they can't be serviced and right again with the fluid needs to be ordered. I really like cvts because of the effiency and ability to take my spark over steep grades
  6. This is why you have dexcool the pink coolant it helps prevent the ware of plastics as I understand
  7. My solution was a sport rack 1002 roof rack and I purchased a curt cargo bag so when I need to carry something larger it's weather proof.
  8. To expand on this topic my brakes suck stock for a 2016 Spark with 6k miles does anyone know is it better to replace the pads or rotors for better braking? When I apply light braking there is a loud knocking on the rear left drum. Dealer says there fine so my second question is should I replace that left rear drum?
  9. I did a Kenwood powered sub with an rca adapter super simple and put it under the driver seat more space.
  10. Right I found that out a couple weeks after I purchased the car. I was bending down to get something and I heard nothing in the back I'm like huh then I'm like oh the 2 tweeters are considered 4 speakers I'm going to replace those for after market tweeters I now have some kickers for the door and a powered sub. I looked after at the previous gen sparks I'm like wth I really like the huge door cup holders spaced out center cup holders and in dash speakers cool space maximizing ideas.
  11. In the earlier comments someone mentioned that he or she will sta7 away from the newer models yeah you should lol. I have a 16' Spark I really like the previous gen sparks with the interior color and huge door and center cup holders cargo space and the interior seat color options. And the accessible speakers on top of the dash and rear. I weighed that option also to put rear speakers but decided to just eventually install 2 Kicker speakers with a small amp and a kenwood powered sub under the seat.
  12. These are amazing ideas for my speaker set up. Where did you get that flexible mount?
  13. That's a pretty dope setup and thanks for the detail especially the recommendation for speakers. One questions is I can't find. Does anyone know what size the front door speakers are on the 16' Spark LS? Also does anyone know if the MyLink radio have an rca input?
  14. Good that op asked this question because I was looking at the same exact bass link sub. Good to know it isn't hard at all. I've been paying someone alot of money for labor when it's this easy. I also am considering a kenwood under seat sub. Op let me know how it played out.
  15. The my link does come standard with the LS model. They are not wired for the back you would have to use an amp and have someone wire those speakers. I've already tired different solutions I just went with the kenwood sub that slides under the seat and 2 front kickers with little modification other than an adapter for rca.