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  1. Hello, I own a 2016 Chevrolet spark 2LT. I live in Canada and I've used chains every winter to reach my cabin on a private road that is not always plowed. I've never had any problems with them or any damage done to my car by them. These are the models I've used: Peerless Security Chain Company 0152505 Auto-Trac Tire Chains and: Peerless Security Chain Company Z-539 Z-Chain I've found that the first set works best on ice, and the second one on snow. I hope this helps,
  2. Hey! Sorry to hear about that! You could have a look at some of these videos from ChrisFix, they might point you in the right direction as to where and what to look for! It actually really helped me to diagnose a problem I had with one of my cars: I hope this helps, Alexandre
  3. Hello! If someone is interested, I found an article about the CVT-7 from Jatco, it's quite an interesting read (attached to this post). Also, you can find that the transmission contains 6.21 US Quarts (or 5.88L) of fluid. This was confirmed to me by my dealer, which I called to have a quote for the job. I've also attached the schematics of the transmission system on the 2016 Spark, if someone is interested. The transmission fluid on my 2016 Spark will be due to be changed in the next year or so. I live in Quebec, Canada and the total price came to 650$ CAD (including about 3 hours of labor). I also called a couple of local shops, and the lowest I could find was 500$ CAD, but they did not flush the transmission fluid from the torque converter. As for the cost of doing it myself, I calculated it thusly: 7 US Quarts of transmission fluid: 150$ CAD ( Drain plug gasket: 4$ CAD ( Filter: 21$ CAD ( Filter gasket: 4$ CAD ( Oil pan gasket: 33$ CAD ( The shipping from amazon is free, but there are taxes (15%). The shipping from rockauto is about 45$ CAD, but I have to calculate 23% import fees (15% tax + 8% import fee). The total cost of doing the change by myself would then be around 300$ CAD, which is a lot cheaper than going to the dealer or my local mechanic, and I know that it will be done correctly. Anyways, I hope this will help if there are other people who want to change the transmission fluid by themselves! Alexandre 1 Disassembled Views_Document ID_4109175.pdf CVT-7 specs.pdf
  4. Hi! I think these might be for unscrewing the tire valve caps? They seem to be the right size and shape. I don't know why someone would need a tool for that though...
  5. If the alternator is fine and the battery also is, to me this means that there must be a short to ground somewhere in the car that drains the battery overnight. You could have a look at this article that explains how and what to test with a multimeter to try and find the short:
  6. Also, about the oil change interval... That's a hot topic :P Ddepending on who you ask, you will get different answers. The owner's manual says that the engine oil and filter must be changed at least once a year, every 12000km (7500 miles) or within 1000km (600 miles) of the oil change indicator turning on, whichever comes first. I'd also recommend using full synthetic oil. In my case, I live in a very cold area and harsh weather, so I prefer to change it twice a year: Once in fall (mid november) with 0-W20 and once in spring (around april) with 5-W20. It's probably overkill, and I could be okay with changing it only when the indicator comes on, but I prefer to be safe than sorry later on (I plan to keep my car 10+ years). I hope this answers your questions!
  7. It honestly depends on where you live. On my 2016 Spark, the owner's manual recommends 5-W20 oil, except if you live in a very cold climate. The most important thing to remember is to buy oil that is certified Dexos 1 Gen2. You can find an up to date list of certified engine oil at this link: Here is what the manual says about the oil type: Use SAE 5W-20 viscosity grade engine oil. SAE 0W-20 may be used as an alternative. Cold Temperature Operation: In an area of extreme cold, where the temperature falls below −29°C (−20°F), an SAE 0W-20 oil may be used. An oil of this viscosity grade will provide easier cold starting for the engine at extremely low temperatures.
  8. Since switching to LEDs, I've had no problem with the DRL, the exact same bulbs light up as before (ie, the low beam). The parking lights also light up the same. I've done no reprogramming/rewiring whatsoever. I juste took out all halogen bulbs and replaced them with LEDs, simply plug-and-play.
  9. Even if those are the OEM LED lights for the Spark, I don't think they would be compatible with the Canadian/American version. The Mexican version of the car is quite different (mostly in terms of safety features I think). Also, since LEDs work quite differently from Halogen bulbs, you'd have to know how everything is wired inside the Mexican version. Are there drivers / Is the LED light connected directly to the onboard computer? Or have they been installed like "aftermarket" led headlights? For those reasons, even if you could find a way to purchase those from Mexico (and import them), I wouldn't try to go the OEM way. After a lot of research (there is a lot of confusion/confusing standards for car light bulbs), here is what I went with for a full LED conversion of my Canadian 2016 2LT Spark: High/Low Beam: H13/9008, White, 1xPack of 2 Fog Lights: 2504/PSX24W, White, 1xPack of 2 Front Turn Signals (SRCK/CK type only or you'll blow your fuse): 7443/7444/W21W/T20, Amber, 1xPack of 2 Rear Turn Signals: 7443/7444/W21W/T20 (Standard type), Amber, 1xPack of 2 Rear Brake Light/Taillight (standard type): 7440/WY21W/T20, Red, 1xPack of 2 For the turn signals, I also purchased a pair of load resistors in order to prevent hyperflashing. Front Side Marker: W5W/T10, Amber, 1xPack of 2 Reverse Light: W19W/D030/T15 White, 1xPack of 2 License Plate Light/Backup Light: W5W/T10, White, 1xPack of 2 Dome Light: W5W/T10, White, 1xPack of 2 Trunk Light: W5W/T10, White, 1xPack of 2
  10. Yep, I have a 2016 LT model with the CVT, it does the same. I think the gearbox for low speed sometimes has trouble engaging/disengaging. You can refer to this thread I created a while back, with schematics for the transmission.
  11. Hello Fellow Spark Owners! I just found out today that a recall was in effect by the NHTSA for the 2016-2017 chevrolet spark regarding the front passenger airbag deployment (Canada and US only). Source: The files attached to this post are taken from the above-mentioned website. NHTSA_Safety_Issues.pdf RCAK-17V307-2294.pdf RCMN-17V307-7791.pdf
  12. Good news everyone! The Weathertech mats for the front row are finally available for the 2016-2017 models (non-EV) in the US and Canada:
  13. I too own a 2016 2LT with the sunroof. I've sometimes heard of the rattle you speak of. The fix I found was to close the sunroof completely and then re-open it. It seems to fix it...but I can't tell you why :P Also, I've found that the rattle doesn't always happen: I think it's mostly linked to my speed, but I'd have to do more testing.
  14. There's a Technical Service Bulletin for an issue similar to yours (linked to this post). Depending on your model year, it might still be covered under warranty. 16-NA-094_Document ID_ 4287507.pdf
  15. Yes, there's a TSB released for that (linked to this post) #16-NA-94. It might be caused by a false/weak contact. You should have your dealer check it out for repairs (under warranty). 16-NA-094_Document ID_ 4287507.pdf