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  1. why wait? The 2016 absolutely fantastic, 100km/hr gets your 51mpg, and 95 km/hr gets you about 62mpg, which is 3.6litre/100km. The city is a lot less, can't seem to do better than 36, even if i drive like a turtle. android auto is fantastic(but you have to take the password off your phone or you will have issues) the noise inside the cabin is only 68DB @ 100km/hr, its a joy
  2. Hey, thought I'd show you my review of the spark, you need to watch it on desktop as quote annotations are not available and there is a lot of information in those that you cannot see on mobile. Right now my dash shows 5.4 litre/100km average after 2500 km, which is about 43MPG The word jumble towards the end about downshifting vs coasting is explained in the annotations, I couldn't think of what I was saying, but it came together later Its more for drivers, don't talk much else.