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  1. Just talked to the bank and I guess an email went to them from GM stating they are refusing to do substitution of collateral and that they won't send the request because anything I pick cost more than what is left on the loan. They are trying to do a base model which I have but mine has power windows and the new ones on the lots do not have anything but yet they want more money. I've spoken to attorneys and pretty much all of them have stated I more than likely have a case just trying to figure out which state and where is more convenient to me. My check engine light came on Monday night along with traction control while the engine was acting all weird and GM wouldn't help me at all, said my case was escalated and that was the end of thT....revved the engine up like I had to do last time to get it back to running right, and the smell I've been smelling came back stronger than ever, same smell I went to the arbitriAtion with.
  2. Dealership after taking my car also brought back my car after gm didn't hold up their end with no gas, had to cruise it into the gas station across the street
  3. Same thing happened on my spark, and got told normal as well. And GM shot the general managers down for any repairs and now I have antifreeze leaking into the passenger compartment on top of the transmission, AC issues so Ethenol glycol poisoning is happening to my passengers and GM told me to suck it up and to keep driving
  4. Mine has 22000 and I'm done with it. I can't get out it quick enough. worst mistake of my life. I will never get another Chevy again. Worst customer service. 12 times in shop, 5 dealerships, 3 states, and 70 days in shop. AC issues, transmission issue that my rpms are usually 4-7 range to go anywhere or else no go, some sort of chemical is leaking into passenger compartment making everyone sick, poison control and public health department seems to think it's Ethenol glycol poisoning but yet GM won't fix it or even look at it
  5. I have a 2015 spark and it smells horrible. They dealerships have replaced the cabin filter, recoated the car with mold killer, ionizer, and deodorize but the burning crayon smell is still there. It makes me and my passengers sick and GM doesn't want to do anything about it. Headaches, dizzyiness, and nausea and GM said to suck it up and keep driving it. They were supposed to send an engineer but didn't, sent a field rep instead who didn't show up until the afternoon and the dealership had opened the car doors so the smell wasn't there as bad but the service person said he could still smell it but GM doesn't go by what is on invoices or their techs. The smell is worse when I run my heater or AC.
  6. So I used the lemon law group partners on my car case for my 2015 spark and they screwed up so bad that Chevy denied my claim. Straight up 10 repairs, 60 days in the shop and they said not enough repairs because of course the techs stated something was wrong but they can't fix it. The last few AC repairs the district manager told them not to fix it because AC isn't important. Lemon law group sent Chevy letters with this attorney name on them, and he didn't even work for them nor was licensed in my state to practice. So now I called GM to say it was discharged and I got told from GM that despite the techs stating and writing it on my repair invoice and putting a tac on my car, that I'm going to have to pay for a lawsuit in court even though I didn't get arbitration. GM denied my claim before it even got to arbitration. So now it looks like I'm stuck in this crap spark that doesn't run right, transmission doesn't shift most of the time I'm in 4-7 on it, the AC doesn't work so have to go in each week and refill and this nasty film and smell that radiates from it that made everyone in my car sick.
  7. Chevy denied my lemon law claim, my lawyers screwed up so bad I'm beyond hosed
  8. Chevy denied my lemon law claim. So yep I'm screwed
  9. the car is still at the dealership.. They are trying to claim no leak but for the past 3 weeks they have had me come in for a recharge of the AC system so it's going someplace. I had a sit down with the general manager and the service manager and now because legal is involved, they claim they have to talk to their local legal rep before deciding what to do on the AC so it may just got broken despite the warranties and being covered. The dealership has had my car 4 days now and up until they meeting, they hadn't even touched my car so just storing it. They asked for the loaner back and gave me a worse loaner because it's a gas guzzler. I fought on that because the other loaner they left me 1/4 of a tank and wrote 3/4 on my agreement so I filled it to 3/4 and then next day they wanted me to bring it in to switch out.
  10. Same dealership blew up my neighbors spark because they forgot to put in oil after a change. The spark made it about 2 blocks before the engine blew
  11. Described on work order. My maintenance for this car goes to 45,0000 miles not the usual because of the issues, Chevy gave me a choice when the transmission went out of either free onstar for 6 more months but the basic no nav, already was paying for onstar for full package so no use, $500 in accessories which my car is zombies out so no thanks don't want GM plastered everywhere, or extend my free maintenance which is what I choose thinking I was going to have this car for that long. From the oil change to back in shop was only 6 days so I didn't think about looking at work orders at all.
  12. Overfill and wrong oil so back at shop to have that and the AC looked at again because they put dye in it at last dealership...oil change was done on July 21st, car in shop on the 27th, and then check engine light came on on the 6th of August. Kind of wondering if it's all related this past 2 shop visits. Sad when I just want to keep a tent in the car for how many times I've had to be at the dealerships
  13. All the repair orders since owning this car less than a year. Oh and the lovely dealership was kind enough to overfill my oil by over a quart and put wrong kind in it so might be some of my problems
  14. The repair orders of less than a year of owning this pos
  15. Yep west allis. They experienced the bucking and all said it wasn't normal, went out to garage came back within 30 mins and said nope it's normal... So not being able to accelerate, no AC is normal, why did I buy a new car then? It goes back to shop tomorrow, last dealer who had before heisner changed the oil and put the wrong oil and way overfilled it so I might be having the engine light issues because of that. Glad my car has been in 3 dealerships now and not one bothered checking the oil since last oil change to see that it's overfilled and order state it's the wrong amount and wrong oil and now I have a weird smell to my car since getting it back from Heisner