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  1. Lol. Yeah, it does have a lot of functions, it's pretty much an android tablet. I just fight off the urge to download apps that don't pertain to driving (like games, youtube, kodi, etc.).
  2. The headunit itself is essentially a tablet connected to a double-din unit, so the tablet portion is connected by a cable and placeholders to the double-din portion of the head unit and it sits over the opening. Like the photo attached. The placeholders and the cable make the tablet very sturdy to use even on bumpy roads. I was worried at first that it would come off, but after driving up and down gravel roads with it, those worries are gone.
  3. This is the one I got for both my spark and the subaru forester: https://www.carjoying.com/2-din-android-car-gps-navigation/8-double-din-car-audio/new-android-6-0-1-marshmallow-in-dash-head-unit-replacement-ram-2gb-rom-32gb-universal-pip-touchscreen-panel-8-inch-double-2-din-car-stereo-799.html It's a really nice head unit that has 32gb of space to download apps, wifi, bluetooth, 2gb of ram and gps. So, instead of paying for sirius xm, I just downloaded a hacked apk of spotify and run it using my cell phone as a wifi hot spot. I purchased a special harness off amazon that lets me retain my steering wheel controls. The only things that don't work is the mobile wifi in the car, Onstar and Sirius XM that came with the vehicle. But, with this head unit those 3 things are pretty redundant.
  4. This. After hacking the mylink head unit, it was more of a disappointment then anything. I instead invested in an android head unit with storage to download apps onto, gps and wifi. It's leaps and bounds more advanced the mylink head unit and worth every penny.
  5. Was it a hot day? A/C running? Heat on? Maybe coolant? That's the only thing that pops into my head when I think of "boiling". Maybe your coolant tank is leaking? Maybe it was another kind of noise? Brake pads? Weird thing is why would it only do it when you're braking. The brake fluid isn't getting that hot.
  6. I run regular 87 octane. It's not a supercar and the benefits of running anything higher I think isn't really that much.
  7. With the size of these headlights, a retrofit would be awesome to do. I think it would give my spark a much more aggressive front end look. My '92 miata looks much more aggressive with it's happy face than my spark. Lol.
  8. I haven't tried splitting my spark's headlights open yet, but I don't see why it wouldn't be possible. The only thing to be careful of is when you're baking, not to have them sit in there too long where it burns the headlight lens. As for painting, if you're just going to paint the black parts of the headlight, then that should be fine. Just don't paint the reflector part of the headlight that way the light has something to bounce off of and light up the road.
  9. If you're going to install HID's, please install them properly. The halogen reflectors or not designed to properly disperse the light from an HID bulb. Either use casper shields (which usually come with a good brand HID kit) and aim them properly or do a retrofit of them with the proper projectors. Another option you could do is install a headlight harness with ceramic connectors and run 90w/100w bulbs. Those are pretty bright and less strain on the eyes of oncoming drivers than improperly installed HID's.
  10. I find most people do it for aesthetics most of the time. What I don't understand is people putting wider wheels on their vehicles and having to dial in as much camber as possible just to tuck them under the car. I understand the positive effects of negative camber when road racing, but some people just take it way too far.
  11. Good call. My subaru forester just broke down this past weekend. Between the ball joints and rebuilt axle that fell apart on me, the vehicle is going to cost me a lot of overtime. Meanwhile, my spark which almost has the exact same mileage has been running really well. Only complaint is that my transmission doesn't like to shift right away around the 80 km/h mark and the radio tends to need a reboot at least once every 2 weeks.
  12. I have another year or two before I trade in my 2015 spark. I was looking into the new sparks or a sonic. How's the manual transmission on yours?
  13. I love weathertech floorliners. Ever since I bought my first set for a subaru a few years ago, I just have to have them in every car. My cousin did purchase a knock-off set off of Amazon and the quality is pretty good on them. They were also less than half the price than the weathertechs, so I might look into those next.
  14. I've been looking into this as well for my 2015. I've found that PAC Audio carries a harness that retains all the features of the vehicle when swapping out the head unit. The model # is RP5-GM41
  15. I was in the same boat as the OP when I got my spark. I found that the bottom end of the sound spectrum sucked. What I did was install a Subaru underseat subwoofer in the trunk. No need for an amplifier, it just utilizes the stock harness for the power and sound. It's a small 7" subwoofer, but if you turn the gain all the way up it puts out some decent bass.
  16. The mylink system isn't the best, truthfully. I switch between both iphone and android and the system is too glitchy for me. I plug either one of my phones into the usb port and anytime the chord moves or jiggles, it will disconnect from my phone. I've unlocked the mylink to run mirrorlink with my android phone and the system has showed me a pop-up saying that it is running low on memory. The bluetooth microphone isn't the greatest either. A lot of people on the other end say that they can barely hear me and I'm talking pretty loud. Lol. I face the microphone and yell at it sometimes so people can hear me. Not sure if there is a fix for it. I would follow what 1LoudLS suggest and get a basic model then install a nice aftermarket head unit.
  17. We had a week or so of -40c to -45c weather and I had the heater on max pretty much all the time. Coming from a '92 GMC Safari where the heat would burn your knees after a few minutes of driving, this car left me considering an additional interior heater to install. Lol.
  18. Nice! I was looking at doing the intake headers and exhaust, but not sure how it'll sound with the CVT. Really wish I got a manual transmission, but since I have to share with the family I was stuck. Lol. Was it an etune you got done?
  19. Are you able to take a photo of the headlight cutoff at night? I was thinking about doing this conversion, but don't want to blind any oncoming traffic. Wasn't sure how the reflectors will deal with the light pattern.
  20. Oh, I didn't notice it was for a 2016 model. Sorry.
  21. Here's a link to the original files from the "Mylink Unlock Project" Wiki: mylink unlock files
  22. I've managed to get mine working, but it is very choppy when I tried watching a high quality video on it. You will probably need to downsize the resolution of the video in order for it to play smoothly. You will need to find the Mylink Unlock Wiki. It has all the files needed to unlock video in motion and you can also update your software should you decide to do it.
  23. Not sure if the body is any wider than the previous models, but some of the guys on here run 17x7 + 35 as their setup.
  24. Just don't drive it hard when towing something and everything will be fine. I throw mine into low gear when towing around my lawncare equipment around town.
  25. check the fuse box? I think there's a fuse there for the DRL. Try pulling out the fuse and see if they come on or not.