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  1. I have a 2016 spark there is no after market cold air intakes for these cars yet that I could find, the new 2016 have 98 horsepower.
  2. I got the k and n air filter I have to say it does help out a little bit more better acceleration not sure about any more horsepower might be pressing 100 horses now. Sounds better when I got the gad pretty hard
  3. couldn't start car, accessories came on couldn't turn engine over tired twice popped the hood then shut it, then car started with check engine light came on took it to autozone they said it was the ecu. got my sub removed before i took it in didn't want to void warranty, gave my keys to the guy who installed my sub he had it for maybe 3 mins u guess the code went away??? but we argued i was blaming him for his install he said he had the same code reader to reset the error code, so it's possible he reset it real quick to claim me down. hasn't came back on yet..
  4. i was at the mall today my car did not start. i tired t again still nothing the radio and lights came on but didn't turn over . i opened the hood to check my fuse on my amp to see if that's the issue it was okay not melted or blown close the hood and then it startes, i had a check endings light on went to auto zone they told me it's the ecu didn't right the code down. called my uncle asked him if i should get the sub removed before i took it in for the warranty, he said yes due to they could say it was the sub who he'd worked fine before and after it's been installed for 2 weeks. i took it to my audio guy all the way there it was on turn the car off and the him the keys he took the car in and then he said it was gone but the issue is we argued for 30 mins i know cars he was trying to tell me i had a hybraid car. he wasn't always telling me the truth he didn't pop the hood he did say he had a device to clear the code which i think he did any ways to remove the amp he had to disconnect the amp he had to i hope. but it did feel kinda sluggish when the engine light was on. any thoughts or advice? the engine light is off now
  5. make a on star account sign up for the free year if you heavnt already download the my Chevy app you can unlock ur drivers door with your smart phone it does ask you for your 4 digit pin every time though. you also have panic mode to to find your car
  6. I just found out on the Chevrolet app you can use your smart phone as your key fob for your drivers door, I think this is only when you have on star I heavnt had a issue where it hasn't worked yet.
  7. here's the link to the center console you do have to drill into the cup holder so be careful. it's pretty secure it doesn't hardly move just make sure you get the front and he back screws in did the fatmat help any? as well I did get my sub installed get a little bit more bump from the back since the LS doesn't have rear speakers I would of went to the lt if I knew that.. but it's 300 watts had it professionally installed sub was from previous car I bought it at garage sale for 25 bucks the kit was 20 at Walmart and installion cause me 60. still tweaking the sub but it sounds pretty good for a off brand bass knob does not work :/
  8. I have the 2016 Chevy spark LS base model. is it possible to get a key fob that unlocks the drivers door or possible start as well?
  9. update, Black Dickey Seat covers, Bolted on Center console with powered sub ports, and front window tint
  10. Down on the western south states, it gets pretty warm, I had some extra money and got the front window done had since all the other Windows where factory tinted already cost about 40 bucks
  11. I prefer not cutting into my brand new car radio is there anything I do without cutting into the cars wires for Rc cables input and a aux line for the amp? have the stock 4 speaker LS system :/
  12. They say that this doesn't void your car warranty but does it really work ?
  13. You bought the 2012 one ?π=AC_SX175_SY253_QL65&keywords=Rostra+250-9619+%28250-9618
  14. Thank you!! They quoted me 600 dollars
  15. I just got my chevy spark 2016 Im new to the forum! I've started doing little mods like front plate and exhaust slip on tip just for looks I guess. Im scared to add any performance mods due to voiding the warrenty at the moment. I couldnt find any Air Intake for this car yet or any performance parts so Im kinda waiting on that still. Mods that will be done Amp and Sub already have installed check K & N Air Filter $(55) waiting to pay down credit cards before that. Cruise Control ($600) cruise control might be next for this car.. Sun Roof ($1000) Rims ($650) carbon fiber Inside Vinyl wrap inside was just thinking by the speakers and by the handles cost and around the radio cost ??? Top of the front window to be tinted. green neon lights HID or Fog Light Addon Performance Mods Air Intake, think I'm not gonna do this for a while since the parts arnt even out yet for this car. Exhaust tip was 20 bucks. gives it a little different sound. Dyno Tune,