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  1. Just frustrated and wondering if anyone is in the same boat - In mid-2016 I noticed a squeaking emanating from the front of my 2017 Chevy Spark (5k miles on the ODO) when traveling at low speed over speed humps. Within a week it become commonplace when traveling over speed bumps, the gutter into my driveway or even traveling down uneven pavement. Took the car in, drove the service guy around to hear the noise in the dealership parking lot (took all of 2 minutes to make it clear I wasn't hearing things). Turned out to be an issue with one of the struts, and it was replaced under warranty. At the time I was concerned, that although I'm not anywhere near fluent in automobiles, it didn't seem to matter if I approached a change in pavement from the right or left, the same noise would result - how could the issue have been only 1 of 2 struts? Anyways, I deferred to their expertise. In early 2017 (11k on the ODO), the noise began again. This time, I tried another dealership closer to home (having gone to the dealer I bought the car from an hour away the first time). The service tech declined to ride with me in the vehicle, but said they would update me on what they found ASAP. After a tech drove my vehicle half an hour later, I was told that they couldn't replicate the noise, but that they would get it on a lift and check anyway. Reporting back shortly thereafter, I was told that the issue was a broken strut mount and the vehicle was unsafe to drive. Again, covered under warranty, and given a rental for 2 weeks as I had to wait for the part. Now I'm sitting at 16k on the ODO and the noise has started again today. While I think I will receive good service when I go to my next service appointment, it's very frustrating that this is a recurring issue. So I'm curious - has anyone else dealt with this issue on their newest-gen Spark? Did I get a lemon? Is it my driving situation? I rarely ever have a 2nd person in the car, I'm not hauling cement around town - the Spark is my daily commuter, that's it. I really don't want to have to consider ridding myself of my Spark before the warranty expires - I do love the car otherwise.
  2. Any other Apple users here frustrated with CarPlay in the Spark? While navigation, texting, calling, making reminders and all the usual Siri functions have been fine - I've been having a ton of issues with third party apps - Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, for example. Spotify, for example, likes to reload the "home" page while I'm in the middle of clicking through submenus to find music. Every other third party app seems to like to choose when to work. Sometimes the loading time takes forever. Sometimes all I get is a blank screen, until I reload the app a second or third time, then it works like a charm. I know that there are growing pains to be expected with a new system - I just would love to get to the bottom of these issues. I'm curious if it's my iPhone (6 plus), my carrier (T-Mobile - usually with LTE), or if the issue is related to the Spark or CarPlay. Anyone have any tips or tricks?
  3. Congrats! I just took delivery of a 2016 2LT, and I wouldn't have bought the top end model if not for the 20% off incentive and having $1750 in GM Card earnings. Good on you for making an already well priced car an even better deal! It's surprising how much I enjoy driving the little thing. I came from a first gen Kia Soul, which I bought used and drove from 40k to 95k with not a single maintenance issue - it was my first Kia and I was surprised with the reliability. That being said, despite an engine with 140hp, you could easily feel the difference on the highway going 80mph versus going 55-60. I find myself going 80 in the Spark where I would have thought my Soul was putting along at 55. I'm much more excited to make my commute to work along 408 and I4 everyday Standard Apple Carplay had me looking into the Spark, the highway compliance made me feel much more confident about buying such a small car when I test drove, and the incentives were the kicker that got me to sign the bill of sale. Again, congrats on yours - I'm in Orlando, so maybe I'll see you around the next time I go to the beach!