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  1. If you just want to get rid of the throttle lag get a pedal commander. I used it on our Spark for awhile until my wife complained so I moved it to our Buick Encore.
  2. How was the install for the fog lights?
  3. They require drilling, I bought a set and have yet to install them.
  4. Why do people with the M300 model comment on this thread? The OP specifically states it’s for the 2016+ new M400 model. The two cars share nothing engine wise so half the comments don’t even apply.
  5. Found a site with various chassis tuning parts. Been trying to find out from Gecko Racing if they will still carry the coilovers but have got no reply. Previously put a pedal commander on our manual LS but my wife thought the throttle became to sensitive so I moved it over to our Buick Encore.
  7. Where did you get the body kit and the rear diffuser?
  8. Mine took a day to finish and the upper part of the dash was replaced. I know because my plastic had a deep scratch and when I got it back it was gone. No rattles at all since getting it back. But it was a whole day affair to replace and took a while to get an appointment because the parts were not available. Apparently they used the first parts received to repair the issue with the cars still in stock. The best part is my dash is now new.
  9. I’m going to have to stop by the dealership in Manila when we go there next year to check on those headlights.
  10. We got ours May 2016, when did you get yours? Until I saw the picture of your car I thought I was the only one with this color in the area. Only ever see a white, black, purple, green, and splash blue color. The only electric blue color I have seen was through the I-5 corridor between Oregon and California about 2 weeks ago.
  11. Our 2016 Chevy Spark LS manual mods so far Enkei Performance M52 wheels with Kumho Ecsta tire 195/55/15, Auxbeam F-16 led headlight bulbs.
  12. That would be fine if it lets me set it up but the option isn't even there. That's why I called Onstar. Now if any Spark owners with the 2016 can tell me if they have the same issue. I called GM and they said mine was part of the buildsheet so I should be there.
  13. We bought a base model 2016 LS model about a month ago and the sticker and window states it has the 4G LTE. However, today I tried activating it and I was told by Onstar that my car doesn't have it. Just curious if the other with the new 2016 model have the feature in their car. If you guys do I plan on calling Chevy and trying to get this fixed with the dealer. The website states that all trims have the feature but I just want to make sure that it is accurate. Thanks