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  1. Clickbait? Mods feel free to lock this one down if you wish. Take care, everyone.
  2. What's funny? Odd that I don't give more details in this social media world? I don't give personal, financial experiences in matters such as this, other than it was a very good experience. I also do not air dirty laundry, nor do I spew venom online. Why, because my situation could be vastly different than others, and they just may get upset when things do not go their way.
  3. No lemon law. My A/C was fixed. It was a different issue all together. Very fast resolution. Again, you get more with honey than vinegar.
  4. Well, ladies and gents, I am out of the Spark ownership. GM came through in a big way for me, and now I am in a different new car, still a GM. I will not give details as to the transaction, but the process went very, very smooth, and they were extremely generous. Take care all, and enjoy the Spark.
  5. I am thinking you guys may be right. It is either a dealer add on, or an option when they are built. The dealership where I got mine has them.(see image below) You can see the sticker on the rear window denoting the brake light pulsing. However, other dealers in the area do not have the same stickers. I can tell you that there is not a charge from the dealer for it, nor is it listed on the window sticker.
  6. Just to clarify, are you behind the vehicle to see it, or have a reflection in which to see it in? You cannot see it from inside the car. I will try and take a video of mine and post it up.
  7. No dealer add on for mine. I even went to my local dealer on Thursday, and one of their 14's on the lot pulse as well. They had to appraise the car for GM Corp. You must let off the brakes for a moment or two then press the pedal. You can do it in park as well. The third LED brake light will quickly flash 4 times and then burn solid. It does not constantly pulse, and if you let off your brakes and immediately press them again, then it will not do it.
  8. Yes, your third brake light is working as designed.
  9. I would bet that all of the Sparks do this. It happens quickly that you wouldn't really notice from inside the car. My instructor's Spark does it as well. We just checked it. She has a '13 LS, Denim.
  10. A compression test was completed on my car. I do not think that these motors are interference motors. I could be mistaken though.
  11. Mine flashes when I first put on the brakes. It is normal for it to do that. There was a sticker on the rear window when I bought the car that said the third brake light flashes for safety. Flashes quick for a second or so then goes solid. My car is an early model '13.
  12. Not entirely true. The PCV system could be integrated as part of the valve cover. Either way, it has been worked on, and I will continue to monitor the oil consumption. If it doesn't solve the problem, then I will simply take it back. I got a sweet Malibu as a loaner for the two days it was in the shop.
  13. Just got this issue fixed on my Spark, along with a possible fix for the oil consumption. Engine threw a code P0300. Misfire on #4 cyl. They removed the valve cover, and found the PCV system was fubar, and also found that oil was seeping into the #4 cyl and fouled the plug. They replaced the entire valve cover, spark plugs, and changed the oil. I got the car back today, so finger's crossed.
  14. Yesterday, my Stabilitrac light burned steady, and the engine light flashed after starting the car. They both went out after after about 15 seconds. However, the car would not shift out of 1st. I shut the car off, and it must have reset the ECU. The car shifted fine without issue. It is at the dealership now. The fact that the engine light flashed should mean that the ECU should have thrown a code.