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  1. Both the owner's manual and the service manual say to remove the glove box completely by removing the 2 bolts at the hinge. I can't remember the exact size tool I used, but you will need a nut driver for this. the glove box doesn't flip down like the other models.
  2. I have the torque app installed on my old phone, and adding the extra gm specific pids in the app's settings gives me a whole slew of extra sensors, like transmission output shaft speed, A/C high side pressure, and transmission temperature. One thing I've noticied with the Obd2 adapters in my case. My 2016 spark uses ISO 15765-4 11bit/500kbps communication settings, but after the car is shut off, torque will automatically cycle through all available communications protocols, and falsely "lock-on" to the wrong protocol. I've had simple problems like a tachometer spazzing from 4k rpm to 0 rpm really quickly, to a complete loss of power for roughly 10 seconds and 3 loud metallic bangs come from the transmission when pulling away from a stop with the wrong communications protocol selected. In both cases, I got code U0073 and I got code P0700 when the transmission started banging. I'm no expert, but I think the adapter started spewing garbage data into the car's canbus network, which caused the codes and erratic behavior, and the problems went away after unplugging the adapter.. In both cases the codes cleared themselves, but I'd leave the adapter unplugged when not in use, and make sure the right protocol is in use before shifting into gear. I used both a cheap obd2 adapter from amazon and a OBDlink MX. Just my 2 cents
  3. I bought a used yakima rack system that was supposed to fit my 2016 spark according to the yakima fit guide, but it didn't fit at all. the clips were too long and wouldn't let the doors close, and the rack was never fully seated on the roof. Turns out they measured the 2016 spark against a 2016 spark ev, which from what I understand uses the 3rd gen chassis. the gas 2016 spark is 4th gen. So that got returned. I don't know about other rack systems, but ymmv.
  4. Yup. I have a cheap $13 cdn obd2 adapter with my old cellphone on a mount with torque pro. it gives engine coolant temp, transmission fluid temp, battery voltage, and a whole host of other readings. One thing though. if the adapter is left plugged in, then the monthly diagnostic reports, onstar diagnostic services, and some other services won't work. the onstar system is designed to disengage so to speak when an obd2 scanner is plugged in to the port. I don't know the validity of this, but I just unplug the scanner when I'm done driving.
  5. I have a 2016 1lt CVT with sunroof and already have 21.5k km in 7 months. I love this little car. Not one problem thus far, and it has already been from ottawa to new york and toronto and back.
  6. I assume you changed the bulb out with an LED H13 bulb, right? The spark has a system where if it doesn't sense enough electricity flowing through the bulb, it sounds an error. LED bulbs use way less energy than halogens, so there is less electreicity flowing through them, hence the low beam not working notice. As for the brake lights, I don't know unless they were changed also. I'm not an expert on this, but I think retired old gearhead should chime in here soon to give you a hand
  7. I have the 2016 spark 1lt, and I went on a trip from Ottawa, ON to New York City and there were no problems for me on the 500 mile trip each way. On the way back to Ottawa, there was a snowfall warning where I couldn't see an 1/8 mile in front of me with cars lining the ditches all the way up I81 and all through ontario, and this little thing just didn't care at all. Took it like a champ. Turns out over 12 inches of snow fell during the trip. I'll be taking my little spark to nova scotia this summer, so I'm curious as to how it handles the long haul, but if my last trip was any indication, it should be no problem.
  8. I bought a set of roof racks for my 2016 chevrolet spark and used the fitlookup guides from yakima's website to find the parts, the 48" roundbars, Q towers, and Q141 and Q142 clips. However, they don't fit. at all. looking at the picture on the fitlookup guide, they clearly show a 2016 EV spark, which is based on the last gen platform as far as I can tell. I took my car and racks to Auto racks in Ottawa to see if I was doing something wrong, and they couldn't fit it either. Is there any other racks for my spark that can fit, or am I SoL for the time being with a rack that doesn't fit?
  9. What parts did you use for the rack? Yakima's website only shows compatibility with the 2016 spark ev, and that doesn't fit my 2016 gas spark. I got the Q141 and Q142 clips, and that won't fit.
  10. I have the 2016 spark, and weathertech has the 2nd row and cargo liners available, but not the 1st row floor liners. I was hoping to get them in time for winter, but I guess that ship has sailed. I'm not sure if they will fit the 2017 spark, but it is an option, fwiw.