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  1. Most reviews of the 2017 Spark mention how it is practically identical to the 2016 spark but they never specify what the differences are even if they seem minuscule. Well so far I've found out that the 2017 base model's Rear view camera is superior to the 2016 base model one. In this review of the 2017 LS spark you can see that the guide lines turn when he turns the steering wheel, the 2016 model just stays stationary. Have you guys found out any other differences? I noticed that the handbook for the 2016 doesn't mention knee airbags for the front passangers but its mentioned in the 2017 specs. Back up camera part starts @9:24
  2. Yeah one thing that surprised me about the Spark was how nice and well equipped it was as far as the interior was concerned. I'm not sure if Honda has fixed this with the recent Fits, but my 2013 Fit was practically bare. You had to pay extra just to get things like a Cargo cover (which was actually a necessity since the Fit didn't have a tinted rear window like the Spark), floor mats, and a spare tire kit. Even the ride was better to me which is crazy since the Fit looks like a more substantial car.
  3. Hello everyone, nice to finally introduce myself and post my spark. I bought my little guy as a replacement to my Honda Fit which had been repossessed (long story short I lost my job). After finally getting on my feet I didn't know if I should get the new and improved Honda Fit or try out the Cheaper Chevy Spark. I'll be honest and admit that the new Fit "fit" my aesthetic more than the Spark, but I didn't like all the recalls they were having. In a perfect world I probably would have ended up with the Honda HRV, but I knew that I wanted to buy my car with cash this time and the HRV was out of my budget. In the end I ended up with my 11k Spark and I've been pretty happy so far. I don't think I'm gonna do too many mods to the car since I consider it my point A to point B rather than my dream car, but I did buy some $30 hubcaps to help update the look a bit. Maybe I'll get crazy and plasti-dip some designs next haha.
  4. I have the basic 2016 model and while I like it I can't help but notice how cheap it looks lol. I think Im' gonna invest in some rims for the first time in my life cause I really want to keep this car for a while but right now it looks like it came straight from the early 2000's.
  5. Wow I noticed the same thing but it happens when I make a right turn onto an incline like my driveway. The noise sounds like somebody attempting to make a dent in the bumper. I have the 2016 LS manual.
  6. Shifting has been really smooth for me. The only thing I notice is that 1st gear doesn't require any gas at all. I'm not used to it so I end having delayed but fast starts sometimes since I'm pushing the gas and letting up on the clutch slowly when I really should be letting go almost instantly.
  7. It comes with AC but I have steel wheels. Its the LS model so it doesn't have power windows or locks, just the basic 7 inch screen with the rear camera. My last car was repoed so I really just wanted a cheap car that I could easily pay off so that I can fix my credit.
  8. Are you guys braking in neutral? They say that it it has to be in gear when you break, and that the force you use to break will determine the assist.
  9. Well I took the plunge and bought one! I was surprised by how smooth the drive was, its actually less bumpy than my Honda Fit which was a bit bigger and wider! The shifting is very easy thank god, I will update if any issues arise but so far I'm happy with my purchase. 11k for a brand new car ain't bad at all!
  10. This is good to hear. About the power locks, does that mean you can't lock all of them from the drivers seat or by locking the drivers door on the outside?
  11. How is the shifting on the 2016? I'm a newbie to manuals and my first car was the honda fit which shifted like a dream so I'm scared!!
  12. Thanks y'all, I guess I'll bite the bullet and see what happens
  13. So I'm interested in getting the Chevy Spark but I keep hearing about how the older generations were troublesome and not worth it. My last car was a honda fit so I know I've been a little spoiled as far as car reliability goes, but is the 2016 just as messed up as the previous generations? I plan on getting the manual so I don't have to worry about the faulty CVT system but how is the a/c?