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  1. Careful going that large of a tire. When your speed says 60 you're actually going 64-65mph with the 215 and you're 2mph faster with the 205 tires. I'd definitely do coilovers to lower it. I'm pretty confident you're going to rub with the 215 in the rear.
  2. The product is not on the Bad News Racing web page. You’ll have to send an email and contact them directly. Still going strong ring with my Spark. It’s at 95k miles with no issues. Never did anything with the exhaust, put money into other projects for the Spark. I will be doing a little tune up here soon though.
  3. Oh nice! Ive been eyeing this one for awhile! My friend had one but said it was to much, as in to many functions it was distracting haha.
  4. I would call to confirm, they were very friendly on the phone.
  5. Cruising on the highway at 65mph mine would move between 186*F and 212*F
  6. Not to long ago I got Megan Racing coilovers. The install was pretty straight forward. Love the way the ride is, most the time I keep the dampening at full soft. The rear shock adjustments is the only issue, as its hard to get to with the interior plastic panel in the way. My solution for that is to cut a 3-4" whole and put a rubber cap over the hole. Below is a like to all the pictures I was able to take during the install. Any questions please ask! -Adam
  7. Here are the pictures i have from my install if this helps. Let me know if the link works for you
  8. Yep just the stalk, that the only thing you'll do inside the car. Anytime, don't hesitate to ask!
  9. I had Chevy reprogram my BCM but no fogs as of yet so i have to recheck all my connections. The OE harness connects to the fog light then to the fuse box. The stalk replacement is just a matter of switching one out with another. Its much easier to pull the bumper. Hope all this helps! -Adam
  10. I still have to modify my BCM to recognize that I have fogs there. BUT I have an al OEM look which I like.
  11. That should work ok.
  12. What I did was bought everything BUT the fog lights and used my own lights. So now the inside will look OEM.
  13. Please look at my post above for the new part number for the harness and where to order.
  14. Did this ever go anywhere?
  15. Been a few year but did you or anyone else do anything with the headlights?