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  1. Oh my God, I didn't even think to check the owner's manual. Lol. Thank you!
  2. Hey all, Anybody have an idea how to get the damn rear wiper off to change it? Can't seem to find videos on the internet for 2016 model (only 2015 and below and Sonic). Didn't force too hard cuz I don't wanna break anything... Thanks
  3. So I haven't had the chance to rip off the door panel yet, however I had the bright idea of just straight up asking GM directly. GM of America told me to contact the parts department. GM Canada well... here's their ridiculous reply: Thank you for your email, however, adding any extra speakers would be considered a modification to original factory design. General Motors of Canada Company vehicles are designed and tested to meet our standards for performance and quality, as well as all government regulations pertaining to fuel economy, vehicle emissions and motor vehicle safety. We do not recommend any deviation from the factory design and construction of our product, as these changes may adversely affect the safety and performance of the vehicle, as well as the terms of the warranty. Please discuss legal compliance and warranty coverage concerning the intended modification directly with the vendor involved. No vendor has the authority to create or alter our New Vehicle Limited Warranty, as provided with each new vehicle. Should you wish to proceed with a modification, we should clarify that warranty claims will not be refused simply because a modification was performed to the vehicle. If a malfunction occurs, General Motors of Canada Company will require that the Dealer complete a diagnosis to determine whether the modification affected the performance and reliability of the vehicle or any of its components. If the diagnosis reveals that the failure was not the result of a factory defect in material or workmanship, but was related to the modification performed, required repairs will not be covered by the warranty. Thank you for contacting General Motors of Canada Company. Please visit our website again.
  4. Sure, I'll try to find the time to rip it apart this week. I'll report back with my findings. Thanks!
  5. Whoa. I completely failed there. I do have the basic LS. I updated my profile. I can't seem to edit the thread topic to change LT to LS though. Just wondering how big of a job it's gonna be to get some working speakers in the rear doors.
  6. That's the first thing I did, because I was absolutely shocked to find out that there are cars that come without rear speakers! GM and my dealer were both at a loss and kept referring to "the specs mentioning 4 speakers". That's when I thought about it myself and realized the "4 speakers" are 2x front door, and 2x front tweeters. How lame is that! The LT comes with "6 speakers" which I assume is the same as me + the 2 rear door speakers. Thanks for the replies everybody. And thanks for all the useful information 1LoudLS I think I'm just gonna take the rear door panel off and see if there's wiring. IF so, I'm hoping that if I hook up some speakers, my 7 inch touchscreen radio will magically recognize it and offer me the rear fader. *fingers crossed*
  7. Hello all, I recently bought a 2016 LS, which according to the brochure has a "4 speakers". Well, I finally found out that this meant the two front door speakers + the 2 tweeters in the front pillars. I looked in the speaker grills in the back doors and they're empty! Also, when I go to adjust the balance/fade, I only have a slider for the front of the car. My question is: do you guys know if the wiring is still there despite not having the rear speakers or I'd have to run new wiring? Thanks!