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  1. 27k to go and I'll be expired and looking as well
  2. My wife has a '17 Trax, and I ALSO work in IT... what a coincidence. The reason the mounts are the same for the Trax is that it's built on the same chassis as the Spark (Sonic too). The Trax engine however is a different family, meaning you'd have to figure out all the myriad of things that are different vs. the Cruze motor which is roughly the same bottom end (exceptions noted in previous posts), so in theory should be able to accommodate either Cruze or Spark mounts as their positions on the block would be the same. What I have found from my own light research is that the MAP sensor across the 1.4 in our cars appears to be able to read boost from the factory.. oil pan is different between cruze + spark... cruze is DI vs SFI on the spark, and the CR's are different. It's very likely that you COULD bolt on the cruze 1.4 turbo + all its associated lines to the spark 1.4, AND HPTuners now supports the spark so you CAN tune the PCM for it. Mostly I'm waiting on my warranty to expire so I can play
  3. It's in the owners manual... page 228 Rear Wiper Blade 1. Lift wiper arm away from rear windshield. 2. Push the wiper blade away from the wiper arm. 3. Once the blade pin disengages from the wiper arm, remove the wiper blade by sliding the blade off the arm. 4. Reverse Steps 1-3 to install a new wiper blade.
  4. Still have these for sale?
  5. thanks for the info, I'll have a look. I was looking last year for 2016 racks but didn't find anything. Also couldn't find info on whether the '13 racks would fit, doesn't look like the roof changed much (My wife has a 13, and I have a 16)
  6. If you can figure out which wire the unit uses for speed sense, you can cut it, or install a switch to disable it. I'd start looking at aftermarket head unit manufacturers, as they'd have the wiring info for the car in order to hook it up to their systems
  7. My wife has a 2013, and I liked it well enough that I bought a 2016 in July last year. I'm currently at 7k miles for I believe $13xxx. I did get the sunroof option which was $1000 more over the models without. The redesign did more to better utilize available space inside the car. The mylink with Android auto is a huge improvement over the older generations, and I'm not here what all was changed but there's less noise inside than the 2013. Speaker placement vs. the 2013 is also greatly improved. I have the 5 speed so I can't comment on CVT issues. So far I haven't ran into anything else mechanically but I'm only at 7k. Overall it's a fantastic car if you're looking for something small and affordable, but with offerings of the larger cars (mylink, etc)
  8. Uber will still approve Spark's, they approved my 2016. I only uber'ed for a short time in between jobs, and in that time only ran into one ride where I needed an extra seat. Luckily the group was fine with just sitting on the cupholder instead of waiting for another uber.... I'd be more concerned with safety even if you did get a 3 person back seat, having 5 adults in my car it handled terrible to say the least.
  9. The Megan racing coilovers were listed as the same part from 2013 - 2016, maybe 2015 stuff will fit?