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  1. Don't know where the pcv is on the spark. The spark plugs are under the top plastic cover that says s-tech so no need to remove anything other than the cover and coil packs to replace them
  2. Bad battery, bad starter relay, bad starter, blown fuse, bad key, fried alternator. It should also start in neutral so if the sensor is bad in park.
  3. Until your warranty expires follow the book regardless of what the dealership says. If you have an extended warranty contract follow the requirements on the contract or you may be denied coverage if something goes wrong. If your dealer is putting conventional oil in your engine they are putting the wrong oil as the spark takes synthetic. I change my oil every 6 months and rotate the tires at the same time, I don't drive enough to reach the mileage.
  4. Your amp documentation should give you the answer, but most amps will not need a remote lead when you use the speaker level input, it also eliminates the need for line out converters.
  5. I would use the original wiring to trigger a relay if you are using lamps that draw almost 4 times as much as the original equipment.
  6. I have mine connected with a fuse tap to the heated seat fuse as my car didn't come with the heated seat option. You could also tap from the 12v outlet.
  7. They can ask all they want. They have to prove it to deny a claim.
  8. There's something wrong there... I have a 2014 and just lock the nozzle and let it pump all the 8 gallons!
  9. Heated seats fuse is a good spot to tap for the remote wire if you don't have a 2lt.
  10. It all depends on how you drive it. I can get anywhere from 19mpg to 47mpg just by changing how I drive it. But get a few thousand miles on it before you check your fuel consumption.
  11. Call an automotive locksmith.
  12. You would have to chop off the stock muffler, so you will need to chop something off.
  13. I would not worry about driving at 75mph for long periods of time at all. Follow your user manual for approved fluids and change interval
  14. The turbo on the le2 does not bolt on to a manifold. It may even bolt on straight to the lv7 head for all we know.
  15. Bolting the turbo is just step one... that can easily be done with an adapter plate if it does not directly bolt on. You will need to figure out cooling lines, charge pipe, intake, intercooler, fueling, and tuning. But still sounds like a fun project.
  16. Ac delco is the oem brand for gm parts. Delphi makes parts for many manufacturers and gets rebranded a lot, so i wouldnt be surprised of the ac delco one isnt a delphi in a different box.
  17. The mylink will try every time. I even set my usb settings for charge only and it still tries to connect to the phone. A car charger will will fix the problem, plus actually charge your phone faster. If you have a samsung there is a fast charger for the car available. My usb port cant even keep up with the power my phone uses for navigation.
  18. Should not be that bad. 8 guage from battery to amp and 8 guage from amp to ground near amp. Then a 16 guage from rem to a ignition switched power source like the 12v outlets or to a switch if you dont want the amp on at all times. If you are using speaker level inputs most amps don't need a remote wire.
  19. You can splice into the wires for the door speakers, dont need to take the wire in to the speakers. The wires run under the lower plastic trim, Just splice by the b pillar under the trim. Or you could splice behind the radio. And run all of it to the back. Door speakers are 6 1/2 inches.
  20. I dont see that as an oh no... good information to have and if it is your case you will have a new healthy engine installed at no cost to you.
  21. Just out of curiosity, did you have your battery and alternator tested?
  22. Onstar can be retained, the metra 99-3309-b dash kit. I actually want to keep onstar as I use the remote link app frequently to keep the bulky key in the car instead of my pocket. I like the head unit you have. I was looking at that one to upgrade the radio in the wifes mazda5.
  23. Seems like all issues on 13-15 sparks have been ironed out, the only thing left is the coolant reservoir. You will still see a few here and there with issues.
  24. You would get better features, better sound and less headache out of an aftermarket head unit. I have the mylink and if I had a couple hundred $ burning a hole in my pocket, that mylink would get retired very fast.