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  1. Take it to a professional. Sub and amp requires a few things: power wire for amp, ground cable, remote turn on, and a line output converter.
  2. Horn Trigger Brown/White - BCM above driver kick, brown 26 pin plug, pin 19 Count the pins and test the wire with a dvom. You may have to hold the horn for a few seconds because the meter reads slow.
  3. That will get it done. Instructions are also on that website. Just pick a radio out you like. I'd mount a remote USB in the factory location. One hole and boom you're done.
  4. Same thing as always. Keep the fluids up to par and you should be good.
  5. man you're almost there!
  6. Compustar will do that as well.
  7. I agree on all of this. They have speaker adapter plates you can buy at the store or order online.
  8. compustar DC3 @bestbuy
  9. Pretty sure the Chevy 2500 Silverado base truck without power locks comes with a simple blade key. You'd have to ask the dealer.
  10. How accurate is your timing device?
  11. you can't tap into the factory mic
  12. Call them I bet you'll be surprised.
  13. this place will tune your stock ecu also
  14. looks awesome...well done!
  15. that's real low, something is up or you let it idle for hours