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  1. Question as to where the PCV valve is located? Also anyway to remove the spark plugs without removing the intake manifold? My spark has 82k miles and would like to have the know how in the future.
  2. I'm having the same issue with coolant reservoir leaking out of the same spot. I used JB weld plastic bonder and it worked for a few days then it started to leak out. I'm gonna try the JB water weld on top of the plastic bonder. How is your warranty? My deductible is $100 for any work.
  3. My spark is doing the same thing. Turns out it's the return line to the tank, it's the little plastic piece that connects the hose. Dealership said it'll cost $100 With platinum warranty. I don't have the money to repair and it shouldn't cost that much with the best warranty. I'll just use JB weld.
  4. What I do in my '14 LS manual is when starting out I first clutch in, 1st gear and slowly release the clutch until it bites and slowly give it gas while holding the clutch for a second and then slowly giving more gas while releasing the clutch. Now for 2nd gear, yes it can be tricky not to rock or jolt the car while shifting into 2nd, I found to actually speed shift into 2nd Ha! It works surprisingly.
  5. My Spark manual has 49k! Had new tires which are the Hankook optimo, custom exhaust, installed my own fog lights that's connected with a fuse spliter. Lately I've been having alignment issues. I hit 2 nasty railroad tracks and caused the car to a delayed steering response and feels like it's "floating". Went to the dealership twice in 2 days to fix the issue. Thus so far it actually handles well except for the cross winds lol. I had the manual transmission fluid changed along with my last free oil change. I stocked up on oil and filters for another 15k miles. My car does this random thing were after driving and I stop and about to turn the key the car shuts off by itself. Once in a blue moon it does but nothing I should be worried about right? If I'm going 40mph in 5th gear I do hear what I call "rattling" and sounds like the throw out bearing is going or maybe a bad mount? I am worried the clutch is going because I bought the car in June of 2015 and haven't drove stick since 2011 so I basically taught myself. I hear people saying they are having problems with getting accustomed to the clutch. What I do is release the clutch until it bites and slowly give it gas while holding the clutch for a second and then slowly relase the clutch pedal. I'm getting currently 45mpg average and 42 rural driving with 60 highway/40 city.
  6. Surprisingly i have a better chance of getting the car to roll is to useess rpm and very little gas. Meaning I lift of the clutch and as soon as I feel the engagement I give some gas but not too much. Occasionally I have shudder and vibration but nothing serious. If you shift at or a bit above 2000rpm the gear change and transition from pedal to gas is smooth. I currently have a thrush turbo muffler and the car actually runs way smoother, accelerates faster and sounds great too. Gas mileage still at 43mpg