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  1. Yesterday I got my drivers door lock actuator installed for keyless entry, still have to work on doing the other 3 doors when its nice out again.
  2. haha yeah. it's one I already had, so I tested it out to see how it did by itself, and seemed fine. I'd only be hauling brush or small things, or at most a riding mower around town. I might try to get a lighter harbor freight trailer, but thinking this one will be fine for what I'll use it for.
  3. Here's some pics of what I got done so far: My Car My backup camera Hitch installed with my trailer hooked up I also put new speakers in, there's a front view camera as well in the drivers side fog light spot, electronic deer alert, and rostra cruise control. I have the kit to put in keyless entry, hopefully get that done soon.
  4. Ok I got it installed and wiring all hooked up. Now I wish I would've just got the t harness kit because it was a pain trying to test the wires to figure out which was which, lol I'll have to test it tomorrow, was getting to dark and late.
  5. My hitch should be in today. I went ahead and just got the regular trailer wiring kit rather then the plug and play t harness style, I figure it won't be that bad tapping into 4 wires and running the positive to the battery. How accessible are the wires to get to in the hatch?
  6. I'm from Macomb. I see maybe about a half dozen Sparks around town here, one being a Spark my buddies brother bought after trading in a Mustang they had and love their Spark. I traded in a Jeep Cherokee I had that I loved,but it was nickle and diming me, and hated the gas mileage in it. So far I'm happy with my Spark and with the upgrades I've done so far to it.
  7. I purchased my 2015 Spark LS back in September, and so far I love it with no issues. I have about 1800 miles on it so far, and slowly been adding stuff to it. I eventually plan to take pictures of what I did and some write ups to help others, just haven't gotten around to that yet. So far everything I've done to the car so far: Changed out the factory stereo with a Pioneer AVH-5700BHS Double din touch screen with new pioneer speakers all around Rear-view license plate illumination moutned camera and front view camera located in drivers fog light spot Rostra cruise control Electronic deer alert Things I plan on doing next: Tint the windows Universal keyless entry with actuators Would like to put in remote start but not sure how hard it is with this car. I see they make a plug and play kit for the sonic from Amazon, but not sure if connections are all the same for a Spark. I know the cruise control works both in Sparks and Sonics. Hitch to pull a small trailer for hauling my mower and little stuff around town, nothing major. Eventually maybe find some rims I like to give it a little more character, would like to get steel rims with winter tires, but so far with the little snow we've gotten and rain, it seems to scoot along pretty well so might not need that, but we'll see how this winter turns out here.
  8. My riding mower is just a little longer then the lowes trailer. I could make the smaller harbor freight one work by just extending a little in the front and back. I have a pedal boat that would be nice to take to the lake, and its about 7 ft long is one thing. fits on my other trailer, I just think thats too heavy. I have a car dolly I did modify a bit to hold the pedal boat, but haven't tried it out yet
  9. Ok cool, I'll probably go with that one. Still debating on trailers, I just think I need a littler bigger size to haul things I have. Don't need sides on it, just a floor
  10. Which hitch did you go with? I just picked up a 15 LS I'd like to put a hitch on to pull behind a mower and such around town, nothing too far. I had a Curt I put on my last Cherokee I traded for this, and it was good, and had the t harness easy hook up which I'll get as well. I'll probably get a harbor freight trailer for it. I have a small trailer now,but it's pretty heavy duty and probably too much for it, so debating on the 3 1/2 x 5ft or 4x8 trailer