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  1. Correction hey replaced the front left bearing.
  2. Hi. I bought my 2013 Chevy spark used. After having the car for less than a month I had to have the front right wheel bearing replaced. I had the dealer I bought it from pay for it to be done at a Chevy dealer since his "trusted mechanic" said the bearings were fine even though they obviously weren't. Anyway here I am a year later and I'm having the same issue I did before, loud metal rotational sound worse when I turn the wheel to the left. The vehicle is still under warranty, but I'm wondering if Chevy has any kind of warranty on the work they do? It's kinda crazy that they are bad AGAIN... Thanks.
  3. Earliest they could look at it is Wednesday :( but all the recalls were done.
  4. It is still under warranty. I'm not sure about the recalls. Heading to the dealer now. I'll let you Know. ThaNks for letting me know it's not in the norm. Yes automatic.
  5. Hello. I purchased a 2013 spark 2lt on Saturday. I didn't test drive on the highway and turns out I should have. When driving at 60+ mph my little spark seems to have trouble maintaining speed. In order to maintain speed the engine revs to 5-6 on rpm scale, then coasts at that speed for a minute and starts to lose speed and I'll have to rev her up again. Is this a normal thing with a spark in general? I understand it's a 85 hp engine and wasn't expecting lightenin g speed but expected it to hold and maintain a speed. Also having a very quiet rhythmic hillacopter sound when driving took it to the mechanic of the place I purchased it and they said that sound wasn't the breaks or the tires (all brand new) and he thought it was the transmission. Thanks in advance.