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  1. How does it mount, how much was it new, and how much are you asking for it? Sorry, don't feel comfortable calling.
  2. I used to test older cars with a mechanical clutch (not hydraulic) to see if clutch was "shot" by putting in high gear (4th or 5th) and letting out slowly on clutch pedal from a dead stop. If it stalled, clutch was still good. If it didn't, clutch needed adjustment. If no more adjustment was left, it was time for a clutch.
  3. As long as you don't have any popping or loud crackling from exhaust when you're off the gas pedal from a high RPM. This could instantly burn piston ring(s) or burn/suck a valve down the road...but I doubt you do because I have my muffler removed and I don't- but I do see you have a manual transmission...
  4. Forgot to mention everything was under $50 and did it in my driveway...
  5. I kept both resonators and just removed the muffler. Used a 1.5" diameter piece of pipe in its place and got an adapter with a 1.5" to 1.75" adaptor, then a 1.75" to 2.25" adaptor to an "upswept " tip to clear the bumper. Hung it with a universal exhaust hanger to car's factory rubber hanger. Nice growl to exhaust tone. Not loud and raspy. Car has no problems getting to 80mph when floored. (In addition, I have drop-in K&N with 2" holes in lower part of factory air box.) Seems to pull a little harder at high RPM's.
  6. I just ordered one off eBay for $44 and waiting for it to arrive. I already have the resonator disconnected from the air box and have about (5) 2" holes I drilled with a hole saw in the bottom of the air box near the fender. I'm hoping the butt-dyno feels some sort of improvement out of this slug...Haahaahaa
  7. ???----86 Buick century's were front wheel drive and offered with 4 or 6 cylinders...
  8. First: 1982 Camaro Z28 Indy 500 edition. Used all my savings and bought it when I was 15. Beautiful car inside and out. Decent power for a 16 year old driver. Best: 1984 C10 step side shortbed lowered 5" in the front, 6" in the rear. 10" street slicks. '71 Pontiac 455 13:1 compression and TH400 with a trans brake. in it. Loved that truck and torquey as HELL. Had to put a chain from cylinder head to the frame to keep motor mounts in it. Sold to pay lawyer...dammit. Worst: 1988 Ford Ranger with a carb'd 2.0 liter and a 5 speed 2WD. Enough said...HaaHaaHaa.
  9. Sludged-up valve train and leaky piston rings or a simple cleaning. You pick...
  10. I've probably built more engines than this guy has toes. Do whatever you want. But look where the tube was on the OEM air box/snorkel assembly before making a decision.
  11. I would do away with the small filter for the valve cover. Rather than "venting" the crankcase gases, I would plumb the tube between the mass flow and the throttle body. The engine needs vacuum to keep piston rings sealed better and blow-by to a minimum, not to mention the smell of oil. This will also aid in performance, mileage, and reliability down the road.
  12. Make sure the mass airflow sensor is not bolted in backwards (180*). There is an arrow for airflow direction stamped on sensor. Also, if the ridges/lip of the tubing or coupling is blocking some of the sensor's filament, you will get a false reading. I would also have plumbed the valve cover vent tube AFTER the mass airflow sensor to prevent any oil blow by misting sensor. Another thing would be to double check there are no air leaks between sensor and throttle body. Disconnecting the battery while doing all this would put the ECM in "learn mode", ensuring maximum results based on your driving style/habits.
  13. 2014 1LT CVT Lime Spark $16500 and that included tax, title, tags. MyLink, All Weather floor mats, wheel locks 10yr/ 100k drivetrain warranty 7 yr/ 100k bumper to bumper 2 yr/ 24 month free scheduled service Baltimore, MD
  14. My '14 lime green 1LT CVT Spark is "Slimer". Green, small, slow, and nimble! Plus, I was an 80's kid...