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  1. I have a 2013 Spark with the MyLink system. I upgraded from a Samsung S5 to a Samsung S8. With the Samsung S8 when I open the Smartphone Apps page all four of the app icons (Pandora, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Bringo) are all grayed out like the Mylink software doesn't recognize that the phone has the apps installed. The phone interface and bluetooth audio works fine. When I switch back to the S5 the apps are all active again. Anyone else having this kind of problem with the S8? Any suggestions? Thanks R. Collier
  2. I finally determined that if I deleted the TuneIn app from my phone and reinstall it using an old version of the app, tunein-radio-14-1-multi-android.apk then the app works again. This is just another example of the failed attempt to integrate phone apps into the cabin entertainment by Cheverolet. Not only does my TuneIn not work right but now after changing to a new Samsung S8 none of the apps work right. Also there was the other debacle when Chevy released the door chime recall software fix it broke the BringGo app so that speed warnings no longer work. I wish Chevy would just provide an upgrade path to Android Auto for my Spark. It's still my main commuter car. But no more Chevys for me. My wife changed to a Chrysler Town and Country and our daughter changed from the Sonic to Mazda. When my Spark finally dies it won't be Chevy I go shopping for.
  3. Update: I called MyLink support and they had no clue. I took the car in to my Chevy service center and they tried some type of software update but still no success. To answer 1LoudLS's question, yes the problems seem to have started when I took the car in for some warranty work and they updated the cards software to correct for a door chime recall. When I picked the car up all my radio presets had been wiped out. It was a couple of days later when I first tried to use TuneIn that I noticed the problem. Chevy wants me to leave my car and phone with them one day next week.
  4. My TuneIn Radio app has stopped working. It worked fine for about a year but now it's greyed out. I did not change phones. Any suggestions.