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  1. I was thinking about getting a jet mas for proper readings but unsure if it'll work with the car. But overall no issues with it and noticeable gains. The blue cable is for my HID lights.
  2. The Injen SP7080P works like a charm on mine
  3. Put an exhaust in her. Sounds awesome. Able to achieve higher rpm with the exhaust and the CAI
  4. IDK about all that but to me, It feels better. I don't know if it's just the sound, but it feels impressive. I've been switching between the stock box and the ram intake for some time so getting an accurate feeling on both tells me its definitely positive gains. Its like if the two had sex, this injen would be the baby.
  5. Yes. I got a injen intake system that works flawlessly with my car. No lean on banks, sounds beautiful, very little gain in performance as expected. Once I get my catback and a stage 3 performance chip in it will I really start seeing a gain. However the reason for this post is to share the wealth, the injen sp7080p is confirmed and working.
  6. Which is attached to this
  7. I looked out my window and noticed something hanging off my bottom of my car. A random hose. Anyone know what this is to?
  8. Yes, be happy to share! Give me a few.
  9. Also, Can anyone tell me what the engine displacement is? I'm not 100% but I have a 1.2L so this in cc would be 1200. Correct?
  10. Yeah, I just remove it. I'd love someone to try stealing the car and be like, wtf? Lol. It's quite surprising how well the tablet runs everything without any lag or issues. Plus, for every hour of use it only uses 11% battery.
  11. So just wanted to give an update. I ran it all day today with no issues at all. Let me tell you its so much better having that tablet. The only thing i really see being affected is the turning singles now do not click while on... Im very okay with that. Ill include some clear pics of it here. Also, If for whatever reason people want to know all apps, tools and or fixtures i used to accomplished this i will be glad to share.
  12. Well, Its done lol. I didn't take pictures of the disassembly as it is very straight forward. I found this video with the same disassembly process. And here is the results lol.
  13. Awesome! I was hoping that was the case. Thank you for responding.
  14. My idea involves removing the current cluster and running everything from a tablet. The only this the tablet isn't capable of doing is reading the current total mileage witch im okay with. However I want to make sure that the miles isn't stored inside that cluster. Im guessing its not, how would you replace it? Ideas? Im also slightly concerned with the cars functionality after the cluster is detached. Will it run? Im guessing yes but.