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  1. Michelin 12 inch with roc loc 2 is the only blade I have found that works correctly
  2. Michelin rear blade is exact fit and the only blade so far that does the full sweep. I've went through several blades to find this out
  3. Nice looking spark what is the color? Is it auto or manual? How are you doing for mpg? Thanks chip
  4. I have a 2013 2lt and I put a full size tire mounted on stock aluminum rim in the space for the spare. Fit just fine it may raise the cardboard and carpet up slightly not enough to notice though
  5. Yes picked mine up yesterday they said they had to recalibrate the update. All is good and no charge!
  6. Mine did the same thing. I just got it back from the dealer yesterday. They said they had to recalibrate the update. It's fixed know and back to normal. They should make it right with no cost to you
  7. Nope I haven't done anything lately. From the research I have done it is caused by installing the wrong update for the recall for mylink. I only drive the car once every week or two my better half runs the wheels off it though and she find the notice it. I could of swore everything worked fine that sat morn then quit working half way through are trip, I'm going to talk to my service manager to get it looked into and will keep you posted when I do
  8. My 2013 2 lt with manual trans started this yesterday. Can't control the mylink from the steering wheel controls no outside temperature reading on the radio and when I backup it says service back up camera which it doesn't have. Recall was done several months ago for the radio no problems til just now. Any fixes yet anyone heard? I plan on taking it in to see what they say
  9. 31000 miles,four oil changes which I get about 8000 miles in a change 1 cabin air set of tires my fault as I never rotated, recalls done and that's it. 43 mpg lifetime live this little car!
  10. Just wonder if anyone has invested in a K & N air filter for the spark and thier results??? I know there around 45 bucks just wonder if it would be worth it?
  11. Right and I've seen allot of salvage titles that shouldn't of been salvaged.
  12. Yes pretty simple. Too much hp for the drivetrain somethings gotta give sooner or later!
  13. Yeah really just looking long term if it was worth it. I don't care much bout speed plenty fast for me I tend to drive conservative to see the best fuel milage I can get. Will prob just stay with replacement filters then.
  14. I have to say that being this is my first winter in the spark it is the best car I've ever owned for having the greatest heater. The combo between the heater and heated seats is excellent. It warms up fast and keeps you warm!
  15. Yeah old classics were well built and simple!
  16. I owe Greg E an apology. I just changed the oil for the second time in my 13 and found out when I had the hood open checking things out with the engine running and the ac compressor does run when you have it on defrost without the ac button on,
  17. Oh forgot to mention my first car was a 1971 Pontiac lemans sport which I have had for 35 years now
  18. Keep us posted
  19. I agree with jimmy I have a 5 speed and it needs another gear/overdrive. At 70 mph it's running over 3000 rpm
  20. Senyah you are 100 percent correct I permed two geo metros and they were great cars. I don't give a darn what consumer reports or anyone else says about a car I drive.i bought and drive a spark because they are a great little fuel efficient car! I love all the features my 2lt has even heated seats! My metro s never had nor was all the features available back then on those. The spark gets beat up by CR and the eps ratings for fuel milage. I have only had one tank I've gotten less than 40 mpg and my most recent jaunt I went round trip to Niagra falls Canada and averaged 47 mpg driving the speed limit which was 65-70 mph. They could not be more wrong! Plus they never asked me to participate in any suvey!