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  1. I have a 2015 spark. My blower motor died a few months ago and sin e i didnt have AC to cool my car out my display screen broke. As it got hot outside the back of the screen pulled away from the outside glass so I can't use the touchscreen. I noticed it was the heat cause we had a week where it got cold (YES 50 is cold in Miami) but it was enough for the back to go towards the glass and push against it and push a button nonstop till i turn the raido completely off. I fix the blower motor myself last week, 30 mins of my time is so much better than dealing with the dealer. Now i want a radio that works again. I'm hoping i can remove my radio and take it to a computer repai guy and see if they can fix the screen. If not i need it off so i can order a new radio from someone thats not the dealer and $800. Does anyone have a video, pictures, or mechanic book that shows how to remove the radio?? Sorry for the long winded post
  2. I know your 2019 Spark and my dad's 2019 Colorado are different vehicles but he had an update a couple of months ago and his radio does the same thing you take keys out and open doors and close them and the radio still plays. I haven't timed it but i think it shuts off agter a few minutes cause when i check it 10 mins later its off and the battery hasn't drained or anything. I think its just a new "convience" update but i hate it