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  1. I'll take pics tomorrow
  2. I know where the maf is, if I removed it the car would have serious issues. No check engine light by the way
  3. We kind of rigged it because of spacing issues to where we cut off it flush to the box and stuck on the intake (the cone from advanced 50$ starts with a S, I can't remember the name) the maf is still there then cone 2-3" down the line. My buddy has been saying the maf is reading wrong because theres not enough pipe and its pulling too much air
  4. I removed the air box on my spark Ls and installed a cone in place. It would be considered a short ram intake, maf sensor still in same place. Ever since my car has been having been having issues starting. I'll have to go back and forth for 5-10 min before it actually starts. When it rains, sometimes it'll shut off while idling in neutral. This has been happening for a few weeks now and is getting to the point where it happens everyday. Any opinions on what could be happening?