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  2. I have 4" DLS in the front, and 4x6 in the rear, complimented by a 15" sub. 142,6 dB :-)
  3. Lowerd 40/40 and running 17x7.5 rims with 185/35-17.
  4. 122.000 miles in my 2012 - and no problems at all.
  5. Yes, same springs as for the 2011 and forward.
  6. Take that crap off and install the original filter. Way better for the engine.
  7. Yes, you can fit the rear seat from an older model. The 2010-2012 has three rear seats, and fits 3 people with ease. And since the car is still the same, you will find mounting points for the seatbelt.
  8. Thanks. Progress has been slow so far - I have been moving to a new workshop, so now I can finally get started again :-)
  9. Well, 8 gauge has never been made for powering an amp. Even though some dealers sell it in kits. If you start to calculate how few amps you can run through 8 gauge wire, you would be shocked. In a short car as the speak, I would recommend at least 6 gauge for a moderate system - preferably 4GA. Currently building mine with 0GA power and double 0ga ground.
  10. Nope, it is in the front. Buy a new radio.
  11. 8 gauge?! Wow, i use that for speaker cables....
  12. I finally got started with my SQ-project, so this thread will show how to install 6,5" component speakers in the front and rear doors. In this case, there will be made a shut-off button for the rear speakers, so they only will play with passengers in the back. I am mounting 2 sets of DLS components, and because of the shallow door cards, I have to make 75mm adapter rings for the doors. They will later on be coated with fiber glass. ***Work in progress***
  13. Clutch release bearing.
  14. Of course you are not going to get decent bass from a 4" - they are not supposed to play bass! Highpass filter on your amp for speakers, and ~160hz depending on speakers and amp. My DLS 4" component has done very well, but actually this weekend i am making 6.5" adapters for my doors. Simply because the placement in by the window is bad, and I refuse to destroy my sound with speakers in the rear. I am aiming to compete in SQ-contests this year, so it has to be done right to stand a chance :-)
  15. You can't compare home stereo and 5.1/7.1 with car audio. Music is recorded in stereo = two channels, left and right. So it is not meant to be played in double stereo, as the staging and depth completely disappears. With correctly placed speakers in the front, you can hear exactly were the instruments and singers are, and you should feel surrounded by the deep bass notes. Hence why it is in the back. My logic is not flawed - this is the way correct stereo and playback of music is defined, and how Sound Quality (SQ) contests and rules are defined. For more info about the correct way to build a fantastic sounding system (not just loud and bass), here is a more in depth book from EMMA: