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  1. My 2014 does this. I have had it four years and has done it since I got it. I am pretty sure it has something to do with the voltage management of the car. I can't verify that but it just seems to happen when the car is transitioning from up and down idle rpm's.
  2. My guess would be no. The entire gauge cluster including the speedometer is computer controlled.I doubt there would be anyway to get it to communicate with your car.
  3. You would just need to buy 17" wheels with the right size tire so you keep the same circumference as what you currently have. They normally call it +1 or +2 depending on if you are jumping one inch or two inches in wheel size.
  4. What year is your car? I am not familiar with the build so does it have a throttle cable or is it drive by wire? If its throttle cable I would look for binding or something sticking. If it was drive by wire I would think it would set a code as the ecm closely monitors all that.
  5. Just getting the remote won't do you any good. There is a whole system in the car that supports that part of it and yours wouldn't have it. You would be better off trying to do something aftermarket.
  6. I don't believe the Mylink will support the sub unless you tap into the rear speakers at the head unit.
  7. Sounds like you bought the wrong LED's. You bought a LED for a single filament socket and you needed a LED for a dual filament socket. At least that would be my best guess. The faint glow from the backup lights sounds like possibly a bad ground.
  8. Is it a manual or automatic. I am not sure on the 2017 but on the 2014 Spark with auto trans there is a steel plate that seals the hole on the firewall where the clutch would go through. I drilled a hole in this plate, installed a rubber grommet and run my wiring through there for my powered subwoofer.
  9. My 2014 does the same thing as it has the same CVT in it. Its something you get used too. The shudder is the steel belt in the trans slightly slipping. As Bobby mentioned you will learn how to keep it from doing it along with the RPM increase. Just the quirkiness of the trans. No, its not in the manual. Comes from experience with the car, spending time on this forum, and lots of reading.
  10. I would think the cost would be out of this world. Likely the wiring wouldn't be there so you would need the harness, the power regulators, different door panels and the switches. The body control module would either need programmed or replaced and possibly the main ecm pcm since it handles the electrical bus.
  11. Part of buying a brand new car. Having to work the bugs out of it. Also, the issue could be the dealer. Lastly, I am not sure having radio issues would deem it a lemon this early on.
  12. According to the manual the power socket is hot all the time. I know on some GM vehicles depending on how the fuse is installed will determine if you have switched power or constant power. i don't know about the 2017 but on the 2015 Sparks with automatic trans there is a cover plate held on by two bolts that covers the holes for the clutch. You can take the plate off, drill a hole, install a rubber grommet and run your power wire through there. I had to do this when I ran power for my subwoofer.
  13. Is this a manual or automatic? Plus please turn off the cap locks.
  14. It wasn't too bad at all. Mine is a Curt hitch I got off Amazon. It tucks up behind the bumper so its pretty much hidden except for the receiver part.
  15. I have one on my 2014. I use it for my bike rack.
  16. I would find another dealership to take it too and see what they say. I would also contact GM customer care and open a case with them. The throttle system is drive by wire. There is no linkage from the pedal to the throttle body. So the drive motor on the throttle body would have to get a weird signal and activate. That is very closely monitored by the computer and will set a fault if it see's something like that happen. With no faults and no check engine light I can see where the dealership would think its a floor mat or something like that. The other issues you describe I have seen one time with mine. It was due to a battery that was going bad. Really weird stuff like that happens with modern cars when the battery fails to give the proper voltage and amps but is still strong enough to start the car.
  17. Do a search of this site using service rear vision and you will find several threads of people with the same issue. You might find some ideas there. My guess is it will require q trip to the dealer for a reflash of the system. It is possible that unhooking the battery for thirty minutes or so might cause it to reset but that I am not sure of.
  18. Actually most dealers won't add stuff like that unless its something offered through GM as an add on accessory. Take it to a stereo shop and see about adding rear speakers to it. And the days of them adding all the wiring for options not there are over. They found its cheaper to have different wiring harness' then to have one harness with everything.
  19. Manual says there is no dipstick and there is no way to check it. Some on here have said there is a dipstick located under the air filter housing and you have to remove the filter housing to get to it. I personally wouldn't worry about it.
  20. So where exactly is this dipstick at?
  21. I use the low pressure at the car wash. I just use the normal soap option and keep the wand a distance away so its a little more gentle on the wiring and connections.
  22. No if the update was to fix a recall or drive ability issue. But if enough people complain they will look at it and possibly issue a new update. Thats what happened on my 2014. They updated the CVT which caused the steel belt to slip in certain conditions and cause a terrible vibration. They then sent out a recall notice for another update to fix that issue since the slippage could cause excessive wear on the belt.
  23. I would contact Crutchfield and ask them. They are very knowledgeable and should be able to answer all your questions.
  24. Remove the grill with a plastic pry tool and remove the screws. The speakers are mounted in plastic cans. Some aftermarket will fit in the cans and some not. My Pioneer's fit in the cans. Also, find another speaker guy.
  25. If the jerking is at real low speeds like in a parking lot its normal. You will find lots of complaints about that on here. Mine does it. The whining mine does it at times. I doubt changing the fluid would change anything. I have 75,000 miles on mine and its still going strong. Also, if it was a spark plug misfiring that would set a code and the light.