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  1. So i have this cuttet plug for a chevrolet mylink radio, now the question is i dont know which one is the ignition switched wire 12volt ? anyone has an idea?
  2. arh.. okay that explains it :-)
  3. Hi Welcome to the Danish Spark Group ----- Hejsa og velkommen til den Danske Spark Gruppe
  4. i brougt a mylink system from a 2013 volt through eBay... and i have added to my 2010 spark ... no problem works fine i just have to add the ignition switch in the back of the iso adapter or else it will shut down every 10minutes but sound and power work fine and dont get the radio code lock ?
  5. AppRadio 2 (SPH-DH100)

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    installed Pioneer AppRadio 2 (SPH-DH100) works with Android, and iOS. Uses the phone as navigator and apps like a mirroring kind a way, but are being controlled on the screen.

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  6. would i be aple to buy a mylink for my spark ..? the old model...?
  7. okay but i use an iPod ( old version ) iPod mini but then i just have to make into mp3 files instead of aac then ...?
  8. Hi i have a spark but i have stared to use the aux in cable instead of the USB PORT can't make it accept my mp3 files or is it because i have to use an iPod ..?
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