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  1. I tried the Bringgo app (did the .99 download) and hated it. It seemed to constantly lag behind my actual position by a significant amount and was always late with turn notifications. the interface is awkward and not easily navigable. I will stick with google navigation for now.
  2. kayak On Spark

    From the album My 2014

    My 2014 is just a few inches longer than my kayak.
  3. I appreciate the offer but currently the issue is not reproducable so I know there is nothing they can do to "fix" it. I did talk to the service writer when I brought it in for an oil change and he mumbled something about regional radio coding.
  4. Last week I took my 4 month old 2014 LS1 on a roadtrip from Florida to Massachusetts. Overall the car performed excellently the whole except for the Mylink Radio. As I left the south and approached the New England area the radio intermittently stopped showing the correct station tuned to. The display changed how it looked and would show the previous channel when I changed channels. Sound wise the channel would change (using either seek, manual tune or channel search). Once I got North of RI the problem became permanent. I was in MA for a week and the radio did not work properly the whole time. Turning the car off and back on again, the display would change to the correct frequency for what the radio was tuned to at the moment, but would not change if the channel was changed. Driving back south I wasn't paying attention to the display and just used the steering wheel switches to seek through channels until I found something I liked. Somewhere in Virginia I noticed the Mylink display was working properly again. That was 9 days ago and I haven't had an issue since then. My questions: Has anyone ever heard of something like this before? Is there perhaps a regional signal difference that interferes with proper Mylink display operation? Thanks in advance!
  5. Resonance, the struggle is real.
  7. Jacksonville here. Just got a 2014 Lime 1LT.
  8. Jon Carmichael, now that you have had the Rhino rack on a for a few months how do you like it? Have you tried taking it off to make sure it is not rubbing the paint away? How are the door seals holding up? I am considering a Rhino Rack myself to haul my kayak around (12 foot kayak, 12 foot car. Should look interesting). Thanks!
  9. Pulled the trigger yesterday and bought a new 2014 1LT. That green sure sticks out in a parking lot.
  10. That is the sad part about dealer service. Many people expect the dealership to have the best techs and when it comes to serious trouble they probably have the most experience. However when it comes to regular service many dealerships are using low wage entry level mechanics who have neither the time nor the inclination to do a careful thorough job. I have been doing my own car maintenance for decades but as I age it gets a little harder each time to get up under the car to do the simple stuff. I do not yet own a Spark but have started looking at getting one for cheap local transportation. I haven't decided yet if I will do my own scheduled maintenance or get the free service from the dealer.
  11. You might want to give the oil filter a little twist to see if it is loose. A small (at first) oil leak won't really be noticeable in oil level at first but would leave a trail like you describe.