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  1. Yes this is true and can be changed but that is just one of many things needed to give the Spark a little....spark!
  2. In the Spark the only limiting factor is the motor. The ECM has the governor at like 365 mph which means the only governor is the car itself. I highly suggest tuning on the Spark after I ran through the ECM there was a lot of things limiting its ability.
  3. What is the name of this company? Has anyone ever dealt with them, will they ship to the U.S? Thanks WaltK
  4. Hey everyone! Just curious as to where I can find aftermarket parts for the Spark? Exhaust kits, intakes, just really anything other than ebay special SUPER CHIPS! Which is about all I can find for the car. If I could find quality parts I would even be interested in ordering from overseas.
  5. I have all the original parts still. The bike has 2200 miles so it hasn't seen much riding. You had in my opinion the best year 750 ever made. What happened to it?
  6. Thanks guys for the greetings!
  7. Hello ladies and gentleman! New Spark owner, but not new to forums. Every vehicle I have owned I have always joined a forum pertaining to it. Like most forums I am a part of, most users feel an introduction is a must, so here it is. I am a college student in Georgia, during the summer I bought a couple motorcycles (1972 Honda CB175 & 2013 Kawasaki Ninja), but as winter moved its way down south I realized that my 2 hour round trip commute to work and school would become more of a burden rather than something I enjoy. So I did my research and decided a Spark was for me! As of now I have only done a few light modifications to her, I tinted the windows 5% along with the windshield eyebrow, along with an led light kit for the interior and the tag lights, and I also installed some Polk Audio speakers in the back. As of right now I am happy with the car but I am definitely getting rid of the factory front and rear speakers and replacing them with some Polk Audio equipment and also installing a Polk Audio P300-12 sub in the trunk. I have only owned the car about 3 weeks so I haven't gotten her right where I want her yet but I will! And here is my Honda