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  1. Iam also done with my 2014 spark lt2 after numerous complaints about the transmission to the dealer I called Chevrolet and told them I was dangerous to drive they put a new transmission in my car . Car ran fine for about 500 miles then it was back to the same old bucking , jerking not want to star out in the lowest gear again ,and after almost getting hit by a semi trying to get out of his way all the time tha transmission is trying to figure out what to do ,I decided enough is enough " driving a 2017 black Cruze RS., which gets better mileage than the spark ever did
  2. As usual USA gets the cheap shitty head lights all othe markets get led s and turn signal s on the mirrors I guess the bean counters are still at work cutting corners on cars ... This has been typical gm fashion in the past
  3. Well my experience isn't much better Chevrolets service departments are clueless when it come to the spark my first 2 oil changes were a quart past the full mark this happened at 2 different dealers my transmission shudders and jerks I've complained several times with only to be told it's working as designed lol my patience with Chevrolet is about over . It's really too bad I like the car love the gas mileage but the transmission is complete junk ,Chevrolet should be ashamed of the way customers are being treated . This trans issue is being brushed off
  4. I have to say since I got the spark other drivers seem to tailgate me more when driving the spark not in the truck though I've had people pass me only to slow down in front of me after passing it must be a small car thing there e a lot of rude drivers out there
  5. My 2014 lt2 has 20000 miles I've complained several times to the dealer they keep saying no codes for the transmission it's been updated mine has been starting out in the wrong gear it sometimes corrects itself after you start moving then it revs and acts like its slipping . It's also started this shuddering like its trying to shift and can't iam sure it will get worse and fail I guess after it fails they will have to replace it . It's really too bad Chevrolet doesn't have a fix for all these transmission issues .
  6. ok thanks i guess i need to take more steps to get it fixed right. time to call chevrolet
  7. does anybody on here drive a 2016 with the cvt? just curious if its as bad as the 2015-2015 cvt?
  8. so basically what you are saying is this transmission always starting off in the wrong gear is basically going to fail sooner or later . i took mine back after the recall was done told them i wasnt happy with the way it was they said the tech that drove it said everything was fine lol go figure ..........anyway iam not happy at all ! if i dont get something done with it its going bye bye ..... and for the first time ever ill be looking at anything but a chevrolet . i always wondered why the car i bought was a certified used car with 243 miles on it ,they said service used it now iam wondering if it was traded back in because of the transmission acting the way it does .......
  9. Sounds like the 2016 s are doing the same as my 2014 won't start out in its lowest gear unless you come to a complete stop take your foot off the brake and then the car will start out in its lowest gear . This issue is really turning me off I can't seem to get any dealerships to listen they just say it's normal ,sorry it's not normal its actually dangerous sitting in an intersection and trying to cross traffic and the car takes off and bogs down I guess it's time to call gm and make a complaint
  10. My car does this too it's very hard to get the car to move at first and mine is in a garage. You have to push down on the peddle to get it going and it revs at 3000 rpm . I just had it at the dealer for an oil change and of course it's over filled again. This is the 2nd time at this dealer they have over filled it by at lease a half quart or more I was also told my car wasn't in the recall , lol just got a notice from Chevrolet a few days ago ok I'm done ranting . For what it is the spark isn't a bad little car . Might consider a 2016 or 2017
  11. Can somebody from Chevrolet tell me why the 2016 spark that Mexico gets has the led lights and turn signal repeaters on the mirrors and the spark for the states do not get theses options ?
  12. There are a bunch of 2016 sparks in the Chicago area I searched autotrader and found some . Has anybody drove a 2016 I'd like to know how much difference between the old model and the new one bigger engine , better seats guess I'm going to go drive one and see for my self
  13. There is a recall on the transmission I was told today I guess mine didn't need anything done other than a reprogramming of it done 15000 miles on mine not really happy with the transmission at all still won't start out in the lowest gear unless you stop completely and take your foot off the brake and let the car roll forward then it starts out in the lowest gear . If you don't stop completely and take off it sluggishly starts moving then it revs to its lowest gear and keeps revving . I'm not sure how much longer I'm going to be driving this thing
  14. Has anybody seen the video on YouTube if they are going to be making this car for overseas why can't we get it here .GM are you reading this the car has a heated steering wheel , push Button start , side mirror repeater lights automatic climate control the car also has the led daytime running lights that looks really nice . Sometimes gm does some head scratching decisions ,this is one of those . Did anybody else notice the pics of the lt2 it doesn't have the mirror repeater lights either ,the 2014 and 15 had them . I know some people don't care for some of theses options but they should atleast be available if we want them
  15. I see people everyday pull up to the gas pumps and leave their car running while filling up I was always told that can cause the check engine light to come on too