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  1. Looks like there are a lot of pop tabs too. Is there not two bolts?
  2. If you want to link to an outside photo / image from another site, you'll notice an "Insert other media" box on the lower right hand side. Click on that box for linking options
  3. Are you using Android or Apple, please?
  4. In the past week, we've moved to a new site design and as such, a lot of things have changed. We had to move to this new software version as the last one ended its service life and was no longer upgradable. If you experience any issues with this site OR have any suggestions, please reply to this topic so that we can investigate.
  5. the new mobile is way more functional than the old design. let me check into the ads and how they are setup, that might be a problem. Ad blocker will solve that though looking into that tonight THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK. This is a new design and requires a tweak here and there.
  6. Look very nice. Love the colour.
  7. How is it unreadable, specifically? How is it horrible on mobile? Android or iPhone?
  8. We can make certainly make changes - it's an entire new software version. What needs to be changed? Please be specific.
  9. Post up a photo of your 2016 SPARK!
  10. Splash Electric Blue Lime Silver Ice Kalamatra Toasted Marshmellow Titanium Black Granite
  11. Perfectly stated about the power vs. fuel mileage - they are more often than not a trade off. The Spark is about efficiency plain and simple. I have a Shelby GT500 and it drinks fuel like flushing a toilet. . .I bought it for performance and not the other way around.
  12. That's what I was thinking too. Maybe they were packaged for fleet use.
  13. Very cool looking. Anyone else have photos?
  14. I love LED lights - they make everything pop so much better.
  15. I was going to post that Curt made one.