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  1. Well I now know it'll never happen there is definetly no interest in such a car and chevy can't build a car for one person .. Time to look at the Fiesta ST....
  2. using the high performance Kuhmo street tires to try to improve the cornering for street driving keeping the stock 185/55 R15 size
  3. I've already promised the dealer I bought my 2013 spark from if Chevy builds a 1.4 turbo spark I'll be in to buy it as soon as i hear it's being built !!! A 148 HP. and Max torque starting at 1800 rpms it would be an awsome small car Please Chevy tell me when to order my new car !! Soon Please !!! Everybody who would really buy one tell Chevy you will buy one ..Will Chevy please say will they or not build them I 've read reports chevy will if they think their is enough demand .. Chevy build it I'll be there with my check book !!!
  4. It's unfortunate that Europe got the Spark you got the US 2013 to 2015 got the 1250CC motor standard on all sparks and 2016 got the 1.4 liter Ecotec we got 15 inch alloy wheels with 185/55 R15 tires standard on all sparks our cars have 3/4 inch lower and stiffer springs and shocks than the standard European Sparks plus alot of other upgrades our Sparks handle nice perform resonable they keep up with traffic just fine I've read about the Non USA Sparks some of them I would have never bothered going in the dealer and looking at them. If you read some good reviews from the USA it's because we got a lot different and better Spark than most other countries ... (sorry about the bad news) mine is a 2013 1LT got 35,000 miles not a single problem been spot on trouble free....
  5. Has anybody out there used the stock size high performance Kuhmo tires 185/55 R15 on their spark and did it help with cornering ???
  6. Why I bought my Spark ? I did my research I remember the old VW Beetles from the 1960's these cars gave their owners Great Value for their money spent . I bought my Spark because it should give me that kind of value for my money spent !! I'd rather spend my money on my Wife and Grandchildren than a fancy car .
  7. My 2013 LT 1 automatic seems to run best on the 90 octane plus I can feel a difference in power and less low rpm hesitations than with 87 octane regular but 93 octane super is no improvement in my car .. But with my older Chevys some cars same car same motor was more sensitive to the gas you put in ... I guess put in what your car runs best with that's what I do ..
  8. I did my first oil change at 1500 miles and about every 3000 miles after and I have them use Mobil 1 full synthetic oil . I bring my own oil my dealer supplies the filter and labor and checks the car for only about $20 and my dealer told me the Mobil 1 is better than the recommended semi synthetic .. 14,000 miles no problems at all so far Mine is a 2013 1 LT automatic .. And I've read from several sources that the 4 speed automatics normally last over 200,000 mile would like to hear what the rest of you have heard ???