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  1. I did not receive installation documents with my fog light kit. Can someone please post them on here. My dealer is trying to charge me $200+ to program my BCM. The only thing I received is one page that states PN 95940392 sheet 1 of 1. on it, it states that "some accessories may require vehicle reprogramming to complete the installation." And "See your dealer for additional information." my dealer is not being of much help.
  2. SparkyRed Can you please tell me what dealership you had program your BCM. I am nearing the point of opening a case with the BBB. I mean $200.00+ is just ridiculous to turn on a factory fog light set.
  3. Please can someone here help me. I got the fog light set but it did not come with the paperwork. I installed the lights. But now I am having an issue getting the BCM reprogramed. The dealership is saying it will take 1.5 hours at $115.00 an hour plus possibly $50-60 for a code that may be on the paper work. Has anyone else had these issues?
  4. has anyone tried to cut out a piece of the hood seal that is in front of the intake to open up that .5 inch gap to outside air?