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  1. Whose white and black Spark is that on the first post?
  2. You might be right about GM pushing the LS and 1LT, however, for what you get, the 2LT is VERY affordably priced. Of course, there are people who don't want or need all of the "sportyness" that the 2LT has.
  3. I would think, yes if you purchased a unit from GM?
  4. Welcome to the chevy spark forum!
  5. There are a plethora of inept dealers out there. Dodge seems to have done a better job with their accessories with their new Dart. Some 500+ parts and pieces were released along with the Dart when it came out!
  6. You're probably right. Aside from that, you're only cleaning a small section of the window anyway.
  7. I think the Lemonaide is a limited run color for the Spark.
  8. You almost certainly have to use aluminum - mag and carbon fiber are the next big ones to cut some weight out.
  9. So, I gotta ask: Eagles or Steelers? I've been reading how the Euro Spark owners get together and it's really cool to see their cars all together. The Spark is still too new to do that here, but I love your idea! :banvictory:
  10. Welcome to the site.
  11. That's really odd. Did you pair the same phone to both Sparks?
  12. Yep - they are out there since the Spark is sold in a lot of different markets before the U.S. It's probably a good time to get them as winter is a 'comin!
  13. Very impressive, although, GM doesn't get much recognition from their Ecotec efforts.
  14. I haven't seen the yellow yet and it states that it's a limited color run. Hmmmmm.
  15. Try driving in Ontario and challenging a fricken moose! Gotta admit that PA deer are monsters though